We’re flying

So, day one!

There’s nothing drastic to report. We were picked up by John at 7.00am to be taken to the station. We had an uneventful trip to the airport and the usual long wait until our ‘gate’ opened. Then, we had what I thought was one of the more pleasant non-upgraded (we were upgraded twice on our honeymoon – incomparable) trips across the Atlantic we’ve ever had. The crew were smiley and attentive and continually kept us dowsed in water, coke, tea/coffee – whatever (beer @ $5 or £4!!). The dinner, usually one of my gourmet lowlights, was actually quite nice. There was a salad –as always, a piece of cake (moist and chocolatey!! – not as always) and a braised beef dish with rice – which was both filling and tasty. Well done Continental!  Also well done for the pre-approach snack (hot turkey and cheese roll with a packet of crisps) which was both unexpected (two meals en-route? Whatever next) and well presented.

The inevitable downside of the trip came at immigration (Newark Liberty Airport), where we were herded into one of just two queues that refused to move for over an hour. You daren’t move – they can shoot you over here or put you in Guantanamero Bay if you disobey an order from someone in uniform (even well dressed Starbucks personnel). By the time we got to baggage claim, it had been claimed by officials and removed! But we found it, caught a (very expensive) taxi and checked in just in time for tea.

Jet lag being what it is we did the ‘done’ thing and reverted to local time straight away. After freshening up we went out looking for a snack’ette’ to pass as evening meal. We ended up sharing a sandwich (we really didn’t want much to eat) with a packet of crisp each. But the sandwich brought us bang back to earth. It looked innocuous but when it arrived fresh from the oven, we realised that it was double packed with meat. To me a sandwich is a balance of bread and filling but this was nothing of then sort. Just how that amount of meat had managed to hide so well in the showcase I don’t know – but it reminded us of how much care we would need to take over the next few weeks as we joined the Americans for food. Huge, huge portions.


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