Day 3 – Friday

We arranged to meet Gail and Jaime for a ‘Borough Day’. We discussed what we might do last night and Gail suggested that as we’ve been to New York several times before (meaning Manhattan) and have ‘done’ all the touristy things – we might enjoy a Borough Day. This meant choosing The Bronx, Brooklyn or Queens (they dismissed Staten Island as of no account) and spending a day in one of them. We eventually chose Brooklyn and I know for sure that we will be visiting Coney Island – but the rest of the day …. We’ll see.

We drove to Coney Island. This is a place I’ve seen on T.V. and films lots of times and I had painted a very run down picture of it in my mind. I wasn’t to be disappointed. However, it is a lot prettier than I’d imagined and has the potential to be a very very nice place – maybe one day, when the tacky rides and amusements are finally gone. I don’t recall the figures exactly but something like 8,000 rides and amusements were available 100 years ago – now there are 12. The beach here is an amazing stretch of sand that wouldn’t shame a Riviera resort. It is clean enough and wide enough to still attract the thousands of families that come here every weekend. We however, hadn’t come equipped for the beach (and it was too damn hot!) so we trolled up and down the boardwalk and eventually forced each other to go on the Wonder Wheel. This is one of the normal ‘big wheel’s that we see moved from city to city in the UK as a major attraction – here however, it has ‘inner’ cabins that perform actions not dissimilar to roller coasters (we declined the local roller coaster as it looked ancient and very scary). It was an experience.

We then had hot dogs for lunch before driving off to the Brooklyn Bridge Ice Cream Factory! We ate our ice creams on a pier under the bridge and right opposite pier 17 on Manhattan. Then we were taken to Woodsomethingorother – where I’d hoped to visit the Brooklyn Brewery, but it was closed. Gail had also decided that Sharon wanted to shop and this was the part of Brooklyn to do that. But she didn’t, so we didn’t. We had a beer in a bar though.

After we’d got back to Jaime’s we went to a local Italian Restaurant just across the road. Jaime lives in Queens and recently moved down the road from where she lived before. Although further away (perhaps because it’s further away) her new district is leafy, pleasant and very friendly. So the meal was good.


Now, hot dogs are not my usual choice of fodder when asked what I want for lunch – in fact I avoid them like the plague – but I was assured that Nathan’s Hot Dogs (World Famous!) were “the best”. And they were not half bad! They were the tastiest Frankfurter I’d eaten since visiting Germany 1,000 years ago. So that ticked another tourist box.

The ice cream we bought under the Brooklyn Bridge was creamy (I had peaches and cream) but it’s hard to award an ice cream a ‘the best’ award. It was good – very good, but the best? I don’t know.

Dinner, at Donnato’s was good on some fronts and annoying on others. The food was excellent – if a tad excessive (Jaime took home three half portions of pasta, left by herself, Gail and Sharon and ¼ of my pizza). The service was obsequious. Too much – I intensely dislike food service that gets in the way of talk, chatter, discussion, ambiance etc. but these guys were butting in every five minutes. Stop it boys – stand back and wait your turn: we’ll see you, acknowledge you and allow you to do your job, just give us a minute!.


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  1. Posted by lilian on July 19, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    Lovely food diary – I think this holiday should be subtitled: hotdogs and ice cream


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