Sunday in Seattle

Day Five

Jet lag being what it is, we were up an about fairly early and decided to walk into Space Needle Park. Hopefully, we would pass one of Seattle’s fabled coffee shops and stop by for breakfast. And we did! We found Top Pot Café on 5th Avenue between ‘Downtown’ and the park. I’d really wanted a toasted Bagel but this isn’t New York so I had to make do with choosing from maybe 5,000 different types of patisserie! I shouldn’t complain – so I won’t. My Apple Fritter (not what we call an Apple Fritter) was delightful and the coffee so good that I had two. Sharon enjoyed a Mocha and something sticky and sweet.

While we were here, we watched a lady try to park her car outside the café. [Just to be safe – I’d better explain; it was a lady, the story would have still been a story had it been a man, it’s just a story of incompetence; not gender stereotyping. Live with it] She had at least twice the length of her car to fit the car into – but boy, did she struggle! After 3-4 minutes she had managed to park parallel to the kerb; about 18” out. We were not impressed. And I mention this because I forgot to record how impressed I was with Gail’s wifey Jaime (see Brooklyn and New York) when she parked the VW Passat in a space which, when finished parking, gave her 2” at the back and 3” at the front. THAT was impressive parking and took less time than Mrs Seattle!

The views from the top of Seattle’s Space Needle are also impressive. We had a 360o view of America’s northwest. From here, we saw seaplanes landing on Lake Union and in the distance (apparently 2 hours away) the magnificent Mount Rainer, still snow-topped even in the unusually blistering heat (around 80of today and looking like 90of by weekend by which time we’ll hopefully be in San Francisco). We also visited the SciFi and Music Exhibitions (Jimi Hendrix was a local lad after all) as well as the Pacific Science Center – which was interesting but not nearly as good as the Science Museum in London.

So now we’re back in the hotel, getting sorted to go out and find dinner. We’ve just had to have the hotel security guys in to sort out our safe – which wouldn’t open (until introduced to a crow bar) and has now been replaced. Whoops.


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