Lake Day

Day 6

Today, we plan to take a trip around the Pike Place area, visit the Aquarium and take a trip around the bay. Well, I’m not sure what they call it really. It’s called Puget Sound and from where we stand it looks like a lake – but the locals seem to call it a bay. We’ll be on the water – that’s all I know for sure. [I now know that the bay immediately off Seattle is called Elliot Bay, which is part of Puget Sound.]

The Aquarium was ok – plenty of fish and swimmy things to see and touch (if you are a kiddie). The boat ride was better – an hour of local history and geography input, whilst just sat taking in some rays. Fabulous.

For lunch we walked over town to the Elliot Bay Café, which we’re told, was inspiration for the coffee bar in ‘Frasier’. We weren’t over impressed.

We spent some time during the afternoon at Pike Place Market, which is a real draw for tourists. There are plenty of shops; both food and tat; and street artists. We were especially impressed with a Gospel choir – four blokes making quite a few of the viewers ‘rock and nod’ along with them.


Last night we went to a local restaurant, which is (apparently – like everything over here) ‘famous’ for its food and hospitality. Von’s Roast House.

We both had salads. Once again Sharon had her favourite salmon and I had ‘pulled meat’ – mainly because I didn’t know what pulled meat was. In the end it was bbq’d shredded pork and quite sweet. What was the most interesting aspect of this was the way it was served. The waiter was too quick for me to capture on film, but the salad was assembled in a large glass stein, upturned and then allowed to fall onto the plate. In the glass it look magnificent, but on the plate it just looked like a large mixed (very mixed) salad. This place has all sorts of stuff stuck on the ceiling, representing local businesses and in the restaurant it had every wall (every inch of every wall) covered in beer pump clips (I’m sure they have a proper name but I can’t think what it might be) from all over the country and elsewhere. I saw two Newcastle Brown ones.

Tonight (Monday) we went out to eat in one of the many boutique brewery restaurants in Seattle. This was a good choice – the food was good and (too) plentiful. To be fair, we’d have had enough to eat with just the starters – these people eat TOO MUCH. We had soft pretzels and blue cheese dip (Mmmm yummy) and guacamole and tortilla chips – thinking they would be ‘starters’ as advertised but … We both then had standard burgers – but I had to remove the bread and just eat the burger, which was perfect.

We set off again tomorrow, this time by car – a four day trip to San Francisco.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by karenf on July 21, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    Apart from the fish, the food sounds fabulous!
    Lovely rain here and lots of peace and quiet…fabulous!
    Have a great time.


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