The Giant Redwoods


Breakfast at the B&B was once again excellent. One huge and very tasty sausage (plus half of Sharon’s) with three slices of French toast (I only managed two) with a compote of apple and maple syrup. Accompanied with yogurt and fresh blueberries. Mmmm.

After this morning’s breakfast we set off for California.

We will be staying at an Inn close to or in the Giant Redwood forest – somewhere called Garberville. It’s a longer trip but apparently the roads are less windy (winding?) and there are no more turn offs to the east, so we should make good time. As always, I’d prefer to be there by 4.00pm so we can see the place we’re visiting.

Well we’re here now and I can honestly say that this day’s trip has been the one I’d thought the trip would be. The views have been spectacular, it’s hard to say it but because the road stayed close to the Ocean for half the route and in the Redwood Forest for most of the other half, it was better in some ways that the trip though Oregon. It was a breathtaking journey. We travelled through bright sunshine to the California border and then through sea mist and cloud for over half the remaining journey. The temperature gauge in the car was up and down all the time 54f one minute then 64f, back again, then 72f, back to 63f then finally (I couldn’t believe it until we got out of the car at Benbow Inn) 92f!

Our room has a balcony overlooking the restaurant terrace and (a short distance away) a river. It is shaded with oak trees covered in Spanish moss – all in all quite tranquil. We have free sherry in the room too – but given the price (which has been hidden from me), so it should be. I believe we are eating on the terrace ce soir, so that’ll be another spanking!

I continue to be unimpressed with hotel Internet connectivity. I’ve just spent 1.5 hours trying to post yesterday’s notes. I managed to save the words but then it wouldn’t save the picture, the tags or the categories. I also think that WordPress have a lot to answer for, as it was their php script that wouldn’t load. However, if the connection had been 20:20 – it would have been fine. Grrrr. I’ll try in the morning. (It’s 7.00am Saturday morning now and I’ve been uploading since 6.30am.) Grrrr.


Well, I’m both pleased and disappointed with tonight’s fayre. As there is little other choice than eat ‘here’ or drive somewhere to eat – we chose ‘here’ – having driven quite enough for the day. 260 miles in this car, on these roads, with these speed limits (oh how I miss my cruise control) is really quite enough. The ‘famous’ (sic) restaurant serves up modern food based on classical European tastes. I had a strawberry salad with feta cheese (it was described much better than that but that’s what it was), which was delicious and Sharon had a plain salad with citrus dressing, which she says took her breath away (it was so sharp). We followed with Lamb for me, and Trout for Sharon.

The disappointing bit was similar to last night’s complaint – the accompaniments were poor.

Sharon’s was greasy and tasted of curry, mine was – well, disappointing. I understand minimalism but soggy AND minimalistic is just not good enough. The lamb was seasoned perfectly and tasted delicious and it was cooked well enough  (although I was offered medium-rare it was medium-well). But it had been inexpertly butchered and when I’m paying (literally) top-dollar, I expect food to be tasty (it was – very tasty) and both presented well (it wasn’t) and prepared well (it wasn’t). So – again, disappointed, but: if this meal had been served up in a good quality pub restaurant (I’m thinking of the Buck Inn in Reeth or the Sportsman at Greetland) at their sort of prices (and therefore my expectations), it would have been fine.

We arrive in San Francisco, all being well, tonight.


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