Leaving town – heading east

Our goal today (Tuesday) was to go to Golden Gate Park and to use some of our ‘Muni’ credits. To do this we first needed to find out which routes went there (7, 71 and 5) and thus visited the California Welcome office at Pier 39. We used a mixture of Cable, Bus and Tram today – excellent.

However, the park was less than excellent. I’m sure it is much better than we experienced today but as the cloud didn’t lift and it was moderately cold and maps were scarce: we weren’t as enthralled as we perhaps should have been. We walked in from the children’s playground area of the park and it just seemed bit ‘dossy’. The hill opposite the merry-go-round was littered with men (mainly, I suspect, but didn’t check) sleeping with all their wordly goods. It was a little depressing. All big cities have their drop-outs and those here are not particularly threatening but they are both numerous and untalented.

By the time we reached the museums it was already 3.00pm and they (the science one anyway) closed at 5.00pm – so we decided not to pay the $25 entry for just two hours. Our fault entirely, but we gave it up as a bad job and came back to the hotel for a drink and to change for dinner.

Notes: There is just too much to do here in three days. San Francisco hasn’t eaten into my consciousness like Seattle did or my memory like the drive down did. Nevertheless, I do think that given more time it would grow on me. I don’t dislike the place – perhaps I dislike its touristy aspects more than I should – being one of that very crowd. I certainly think that if you want to get under the skin of San Francisco, you need to spend a week at least and possibly two! I’d come again. The jury’s out for Sharon.

An aspect I found irritating was that we had to carry so many types of clothing with us, to cope with the changing weather. The cloud drifted in and out of the Ocean all the time but in between and sometimes at the same time, the sun was ‘hot’. So on a morning we’d set off in jeans and fleece, replace these with shorts later in the day (stuffing jeans and fleece into backpack with raincoats on the day we went to Angel Island) and reverse the procedure for the evening – because when it was cold: it was cold!

Mind you – I did get to share another “pastrami on rye – loaded” today.

So did I enjoy San Francisco? – Yes. Did it match my preconceptions? – MMMmmm – not really.

We fly to Tallahassee tomorrow and then drive down to Eastpoint, which is near to Apalachicola on the Florida Gulf Coast. http://snipurl.com/o6rf6. I will pick up the story over the weekend, during which we will probably drive up to Alabama to visit Sharon’s parents.


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