Tallahassee to the coast

[Covers Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.]

Our journey to the airport was uneventful. We’d started the day with a walk down to Boudin’s where for the third time we had the most wonderful Almond Croissant and Peet’s Coffee. http://www.peets.com/. We were slightly earlier than usual – 7.45am and the streets were empty. We were even there before the main shop opened at 8.00am. So, if you want to ‘see’ the city – rise early.

Our plane was on time and we made good time to Memphis but then from Memphis it was all downhill. There had been “some weather” over the city so the plane was delayed for an hour from landing. Being in a ‘holding pattern’ is both relaxing (as the plane is just cruising at a speed that doesn’t require the engines to be noisily thrusting) and frustrating (in the same way that sitting on a train just outside but in sight of the station is frustrating) but I did manage to finish my book! Then, after we landed, we were told that our connection to Tallahassee would be three hours late – if it came at all! Grrr.

Eventually we took off from Memphis at 10.30pm (having left our hotel at 9.00am – 2 hrs time difference) and landed at 1.00am – now 3 hrs time difference and still a taxi short of our bed for the night. We eventually got to bed about 2.15am, which meant a later start than planned on Thursday. We’d intended to spend the morning walking round Tallahassee but given that we were up late and that most people raised their eyebrows at our suggestion that we might ‘walk’ around this wide-spread college town: we decided to take the free Doubletree Hotel Shuttle to the airport and pick up our car. It’s a shame really as Tallahassee seemed to be a place worth spending some time in. Maybe next time?

We’re staying in Eastpoint, just 8 mile east of Apalachicola [http://snipurl.com/ofm6h], 1.5 hours and 67 hot miles from the airport. This time we’re self-catering so we can just stay in the apartment and read if we want (we don’t want – but we could…). The apartment is a little house above a double garage. Most houses here are like this or on stilts because the ocean may just decide to invade – it being about 50 yards away. It has a large, through, living/dining/kitchen with a bathroom and a double bedroom off. That’s it – very small but perfectly formed as they say.

Having arrived earlier than we’d planned we had lunch in Apalachicola and did some shopping before getting here and taking about an hour to unpack. We have so much washing! But that will have to wait until we drive up to see Sharon’s mum in Alabama on Sunday.

It’s hot, and steamy. Even after a bit of rain it’s hot and steamy. Today though (Friday) the worst of the rain waiting until late afternoon to break as part of an almighty storm which literally rattled the doors. The rain didn’t just leave pools on the road; it created rivers that (as we were driving back from a beach) had to be navigated. Luckily, we hadn’t gone far for our swim – I’d just decided that as it was going to rain it wouldn’t be too hot on the beach and if it did rain, who cares – we’d be wet anyway. But the rain was like stair rods.

We’d had a late lunch in Apalachicola, I can’t remember the restaurant name, but it’s on the inside corner, where the ‘98’ takes a left before continuing on its way. It was by far the worst meal we’ve had over here. Sharon’s salad was pitifully poor – I’d expect either of my grandchildren to place Salad on a plate and make it look more interesting (and appear more comfortable) than here. I’d ordered a cup of Gumbo and ‘side’ of Fries. Which is what I got. I’d only wanted to try their Gumbo – the Fries are what I’d really wanted, and as the menu had promised home made French bread, I was looking forward to a comfortable meal. Not so. The Gumbo was ok, the chips (sorry – Fries: chips are crisps!) were fine but the bread was hardly present. I had to buy more to finish my meal. What really irritated was the floor sweeping that went on around us: The floor material was entirely the wrong kind for this activity to take place while customers were eating – in fact the waitresses doing the sweeping seemed to see the customers as obstacles.

This contrasted to yesterday’s lunch at Tamara’s Café (diagonally opposite corner of the block). I’d ordered the Tapas Plate and got a pile of fried calamari and tiny whole squid; bruchetta; asparagus wrapped in pancetta and garlic sautéed shrimp (prawn). Plus buckets of water – because it was hot! For tea last night, we’d had a simple salad (tastefully arranged and drizzled in a home-made honey, soy and lemon dressing) before Linguini with southern states ratatouille (the usual ratatouille but with okra and without peppers or aubergine). Then ice cream.

On my third book.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Gail on August 1, 2009 at 4:42 am

    Tamara’s is where Shaz, Bets, Mum and I had all 5 desserts on the menu! I don’t remember any particularly excellent coffee in that area. Remember when you go to Alabamy (with a banjo) that you want to stick to tea with the parents. The coffee on offer there is instant!


  2. Posted by Emma on August 2, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    Yes you are right your grandchildren can do a better job at cooking and salad prep than most they are very talented! You sound to be having fun! And eating lots!


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