So, pretty much nothing much going on here at the moment. What else do you do when you are within miles and miles of silver sands, a warm sea and not too many people? You do nothing much except a) seek shelter, b) drive for miles and miles to see ‘new’ laces or c) swim (sunbathing is out because we have no brolly or seats). We sought shelter on Saturday at an ice cream parlour on Cape San Blas. Having only the ice creams in Slaithwaite [] to go by, we ordered double scoops – big mistake. Eating these made us cancel lunch. Port Saint Joe is miles away, so I had a swim.

On Sunday, we drove up to Alabama to spend the day with Sharon’s mum and dad.

They live about 15 miles inside the border, just outside Dothan. It’s just 110 miles from where we’re staying (we might have stayed with them but when we were booking – they were moving house and had no idea where they would become August) and took us 2.5 hours. The roads were empty and although we had to drive through one horrendous rainstorm, the trip was uneventful. When we return however, much of the journey will have to be in the dark as Alabama is 1 hour behind Florida and we’re not cooking tea (BBQ) until five o’clock.

For Gail and for Lilian – I’ve just had the best cup of tea this side of the Atlantic. Well done Sharon’s mum.


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  1. Posted by Lilian on August 6, 2009 at 12:13 am

    That ice cream looks like it’s worth a flight over and a long drive to get to!


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