Monte Carlo

I’ve been to Monte Carol several times.

This was back in the early nineties when Sue and I took the kids (Ben and Emma) to Stephen’s mobile home near St. Tropez. We’d set out for the day and call in at Cannes and Nice on the way and then spend a few hours gawping. However, years later when I took Sharon and the girls (Betony and Chloe – and this time to Stephens house near St Tropez) we never made it. We tried but we never made it. The journey we made was surreal, no matter how we tried and which route we took; we hit traffic jams, blockages and frustrations beyond belief. In the end we just dropped down the hill, turned around at the first roundabout in Monaco and came back.

Today’s trip to Tallahassee brought this all flooding back.

We’d spent yesterday (Monday) driving into Apalachicola for lunch in the café on the veranda opposite Tamara’s (which was closed) and then doing a little shopping. Lunch was what we’d ordered and reasonably ok but the coffee was still bad. Like Gail says in her earlier comment – I really will have to wait until we get to Providence for a good cup. We spent the rest of the day just lounging and reading.

So today [Tuesday], we’d decided to drive up to Tallahassee, about an hour and a half away and take a look at it. We managed to easily find the Capitol building, pretty close to where the hotel we’d stayed in was, but couldn’t see any parking. We’d been told that anything like ‘food’ or ‘coffee’ would be “five minute’s” away – but in the end we couldn’t find that either. We drove around for two hours in horrendous traffic trying to find something like a city centre but in the end gave up. It’s not a big city and it looks quite compact and quaint – but signage (like most places around here) is not aimed at incomers.

We eventually ate a late lunch on the way back in a ‘Subway’ in a ‘Wal-Mart’ near Crawfordville. And – oh what trouble we’ll be in now with our Providence hosts.

We ate this evening at the house owner’s restaurant ‘That Place on 98’. (He also has a place called ‘That Place in Appalach‘ up the road in […] I had six delicious oysters (this small stretch of Florida produces 90% of the oysters landed in the state and something like 10% of those nationwide) baked with bacon and mozzarella and followed these with Grilled Grouper (and a mess of topping I had to remove) with fork-mashed (skin on) potatoes (nice!) and soggy courgette. Sharon had steak. The setting is marvelous and sat outside on the decking which overlooked one of the inner oyster beds was fabulous – as the sun set and the moon came up. Fish were leaping out of the water and the oysters we could see were spitting at all comers!

Wednesday – we will just swim, eat, drink and sleep.  Thursday we will set off at 7.00am for the airport and our holiday’s penultimate flight to Providence (Rhode Island), where we will be based at sister (in-law) Gail’s until our return to blighty.


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  1. Posted by Gail on August 6, 2009 at 3:22 am

    monte carol eh? sounds kinky!


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