It seems, and it must seem, that we have now been away from home for a long time. But we’re nearing the end – we’re now firmly ensconced at our final destination and it is here that we will take the time to both wind-down and start winding up again.

We’re in Providence, Rhode Island and staying with Gail and TJ. Respectively these people are Sharon’s sister and Sharon’s sister’s husband. Here, the Internet is SOAS and I’m relegated (Mmmm – that’s Freudian) to the XP laptop (David’s Tosh). Sharon has finally settled into an ‘I must finish my final MSc dissertation’ mode and has taken the Mac Book Pro for its ease of opening and reliability. Not that there’s anything unreliable about the XP but being PC it takes and age to get going and constantly needs to access the internet for upgrades – which also tend to take over the machine.

The weather is pleasant. Apparently it’s been very humid and in the low 90’s but is currently a pleasantly cool high 70’s. We have no plans other than to celebrate our wedding anniversary (Friday) and Sharon’s birthday next Saturday. Everything else will fall into place. I have a few work things to do and will use the plentiful free time to do just that – and as luck would have it, that work is on the Tosh!

Our anniversary meal on Friday, at was fine. Noisy and warm – but fine. We’d shared our appetisers and then Sharon had a fairly unappetising to look at but tasty Tilapia. I had Meatloaf because I’d never had it before. It was tasty but TOO big a portion. TJ had Scallops, which can never be too big. Finally and most impressively Gail’s Salmon came sat atop a huge sweet potato cake. The food was very nice, tasty and well served. But we were too full for dessert.

On Saturday (yesterday) we had a late breakfast and when ‘boy’ Jamie came up from his home in Connecticut so that he and I could go for a walk. We drove down through Rhode Island for about half an hour and set off with Herman (dog) for a couple of hours around random trails in what is now a huge forest. This part of the world was formerly farmed but sometime mid 20th century was abandoned. I’m sure that there are all sorts of political and social reasons for this and as yet I’m unaware of them but I understand that most of the forestation around here is second growth and (according to an aside in a book I’ve just finished) often third.

New England has certainly got its own share of history but not one we’re ever taught in the UK.

Last night we attended Waterfire. This was interesting. There were far too many people around to make it comfortable but the evening was warm, the atmosphere was pleasant and it might be nice to do it again one day in the same way we used to ‘do’ Galphey (a BHF charity Jazz Picnic) – with picnic, tables and lots of booze.


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  1. Posted by Khawar on August 10, 2009 at 7:56 am

    How many kilos will you have put on ? 🙂 Enjoy your hols…. When are you getting back?


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