We didn’t do much on Monday, as Sharon needed to finish her draft dissertation. This involved much reading and re-reading and re-typing and screaming. But in the end she managed. Not however, before we were taken out to an Asian Restaurant in Providence.  Not Just Snackshttp://snipurl.com/qg2sd is the nearest thing (apparently) that you can get to a real Indian taste in Providence. For me, it was the nearest thing I’d seen or tasted to anything in Bradford – except it was clean and visibly hygienic. Simple tables, simple plates: fabulous selection. Very tasty (and non-tummy threatening). See: Rhode Island Food

Then, on Tuesday we set off for Plymouth, Massachusetts for the 11.00am sailing of Captain John’s whale watching trip. http://captainjohnboats.blogspot.com/. We were out at sea almost 5 hours, despite the advertised 3.5 – 4. Hours. This was because we’d had to sail so far out into the Atlantic to catch sight of some Humpback Whales that were in the area.

Now, I’ve been on three previous whale watching trips before (one off the Great Barrier Reef, where I saw nothing at all and another off Cape Cod – in these same waters – where we saw basking sharks and small Minke Whales (http://snipurl.com/qg36z) but this trip blew both of the others away. This time we saw the whales leaping [breaching] out of the water (I’ll have to wait for the correct firewire cable [at home] to lift the video of this activity from Sharon’s Cam-Corder ), whales beating their tails on the water (presumably to attract food) and whales simply playing. And big whales at that. Despite the long sail out and back (at least two hours each way) the weather was great and we managed to grab a little time in the sun. What a great day.

We’d planned a picnic lunch and didn’t really consider the consequences of time – so lunch was at 4.30pm under the shade of a tree alongside the Plymouth Harbour. We finished the day at home playing Quelf.  Be warned!


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  1. Posted by Gail on August 19, 2009 at 12:54 am

    David has lost track of time, given that he is on holiday and all. Sunday we stayed home and Sharon worked. Monday was the whale watch. Today, Tuesday, we did something else which he will tell you about.


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