Our final day

Well, that’s it.

Tomorrow (maybe today by the time anyone reads this) we’ll be on our way home. By breakfast time on Friday we will be back in the UK and by Sunday I hope to have recovered from the flight well enough because I have a business meeting at lunchtime and on Monday I have to discuss and then plan a gig for Wednesday. I suspect that another gig pencilled in for next week will also pop out of the woodwork at some time too.

Yesterday, Tuesday I think, we went out for a drive around Rhode Island and Connecticut and for lunch in Mystic: See http://www.mystic.org/. We just had to have a pizza in Mysticso we did. The town is pretty and could have done with a longer coat of looking at but the weather was just too hot. I was still feeling the heat in the A/C’d car and needed to drink some water just to stop feeling sick. Sharon had to buy a new ‘T’ shirt because her shoulders were burning – and we’d only been outside about 20 minutes. It must have been touching the high 90’s. Mystic is famous (probably) for its bascule bridge (see: http://snipurl.com/qjw63) and I would have loved to have seen it open because the first thing you think when you see it is “what on earth?

Apparently it opens every hour during summer – but we missed it. Doh!

We went on to look at other small towns along the Long Island Sound, Connecticut coast: Towns such as Stonington and Westerly and each one was just as pretty.

Today (yesterday – whatever: Wednesday) we did the shopping thing, but not before we had a brunch out in Providence. I had an omelette with home fries (well seasoned Pomme Bataille), which was very nice – if filling. That’s the thing about breakfasts here – they don’t have the same fat and grease content of ours (mainly poached eggs and omelettes) but they are very filling and still carry a fair few calories – e.g. French Toast, thick pancakes and maple syrup!

Whilst shopping, we stopped off at the cinema. I think we would all have liked to see The Time Traveller’s Wife but all were fearful of the film spoiling (or at least not doing justice to) the book. So we went to see Julie and Julia http://www.julieandjulia.com/ instead. This is a charming and funny film about two real lives: Julia Child (http://snipurl.com/qjybm),who is an American Institution along the lines of Fanny Craddock. She wrote an influential French cookery book (http://snipurl.com/qk0ev) and Julie Powell http://juliepowell.blogspot.com/ who wrote a blog in 2002 about her year long challenge to cook the book’s 500+ recipes in 365 days. It was a great way to spend a couple of hours away from the intense heat and a film I will gladly watch again.

And that’s about it. On Thursday (today/tomorrow) we will set off on a 4-5 hour drive to Newark. On a clear day, this could be a 3.5-hour journey but even giving ourselves this length of time, we may still eat into our 2-3 hour before-the-flight arrival time. Fingers crossed we won’t be. If we’re early we have some tickets to a ‘lounge’ so we should be ok.

That’s it. Any updates will be on http://eduvel.wordpress.com although I plan to add a page to this blog later about my ‘observations’ – this will be linked from http://eduvel.wordpress.com.

Many thanks to all those of you who have read the blog and especially to those of you who commented. Thanks too, to everyone that followed the Flickr pages – I think that’s probably about 50 of you. Thank you.

David Sugden

20th August 2009 (English time)

screenshot of some flickr statistics

screenshot of some flickr statistics


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