iPad goes to Tulsa

Well we’ve been here in Tulsa for a couple of days now. It’s hot and promises to remain hot for the foreseeable future. Just like we have a wind-chill factor at home, over here they have a heat index: the temperature might be (say) 100°f but because of humidity and lack of wind, it feels like 110°f – a high heat index. The evenings are ok to sit outside for a short while before the bugs start biting and (although I’ve not done it yet) the early morning as well, but the rest of the day is just HOT. Thank goodness for A/C.

I spent Friday getting myself set up for the work I have to do while I’m here. Much of the actual planning has already been done, but I now need to start building the structure I envisage. As part of my preparation, I decided to do some iTQ work, which helped me to pinpoint some weaknesses in my working situation. First of all, I need a proper chair! Gail has kindly let me set up in the bedroom (she actually suggested the living room, which is bright and airy, but I was directly under the A/C outlet and contrarily, too cold), where I am perfectly happy. It would also be nice to have a second screen to work on, so if I can get a flat screen monitor today (Saturday, shopping day!) for less than $100, I may well invest in one. I’m sure that Gail would find it enormously useful when we’ve left. However, I suddenly realised this morning that if I work on a two monitor set-up, I will also need a keyboard – dammit.

So, apart from a few small outlays to complete my set-up, I’ll be ready for my full-on work load by Monday. If I make an 8.00am/8.30am start and finish about 4.30pm/5.00pm, I should be able to complete the work to plan.

Apparently, Oklahoma law prevents the sale of alcohol stronger than 3.2% in outlets other than liquor stores. So another stop off today will be a liquor store as the bottles we currently have taste like Kaliber. That’s not our host’s fault, she isn’t a beer drinker and did ask if Heineken would be ok. After all, it is brewed in Holland and it is imported into the USA, but due to local laws is only 3.2%! We quite like Sam Adams Summer Ale, so we’ll look out for that, and an Oregon brew I can’t remember the name off too (I will recognise it when I see it).

For those interested: I composed this post on the iPad using Documents-to-Go. I saved the file to my Google Docs account and then cut and paste the text from there into the iPad Safari version of my WordPress account (the way I would normally access the account on my Mac). However: the iPad Safari version would not accept the cut and pasted URL from Flickr, to insert a photo (it would accept the text from Google Docs, but not the text based URL from Flickr!!! Strange) – I’m therefore finishing off on the Mac again. Also – Documents-to-Go would not read the document it had put onto Google Docs, saying that this was not an appropriate file (whatever).  MMmmm little things!!


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