Route 66

It would be easy to say that ‘doing Route 66’ had always been a dream of mine, but it hasn’t, not really, not in fact. It’s been more of a whim, a thought, a perchance or a maybe – something to tick off an as yet unformed (and hopefully unneeded) bucket list. But nevertheless, ‘something’ in my would-like-to-do conciousness.

And today, we did over 100 miles of it.

Starting pretty much outside Gail’s home, we followed Route 66 west and south west all the way to the outskirts of Oklahoma City. Some research on the Internet showed us things and towns to look out for, which added some zest to our drive. Much of the early part of our drive can be found listed here: We came off the current ’66’ to take a short stretch of the original road and to see The Rock Creek Bridge which is still laid entirely with bricks. When the guide said brick-lined, I’d thought that it had walls of brick – not that the roadway itself was brick. Just alongside the bridge was a club specially for Veterans of Forenign (sic) Wars and in the car park were a number of big guns! Scary place. Then, a little further along was a now disused Drive-in Movie theatre, but so overgrown it was unfilmable.

We took a short detour through Depew, a very small town along the old road and then drove on through Bristow and into Stroud, where we had a late lunch at The Rock Cafe.

All along the route we saw remnants of the oil boom which helped form the areas’ wealth and the route itself. The concept for Route 66 began in Tulsa back in the 1920’s, the height of this oil boom, when Cyrus Avery conceived a route from Chicago to Los Angeles. It might be nice one day to do other bits of the road as it passes through one of the many other states (and three time zones).

Today, we drove as far as Acacia and saw the ‘famous’ round barn there and stopped at Pops for one of their 65 different brands of root beer. The whole trip down this far was an interesting look at real bits of America.

Our day was spoiled by an hour-long hold-up on the Turnpike and proved that we should have stayed where we were – on Route 66!


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