Route 66 – a little more

I now realise that my previous post was a bit rushed. I started the post just after we’d got back from the trip. I’d uploaded some of my pictures to Flickr and started to write – but I was tired and know now that I missed out some important parts of the day. First of all it was HOT. Very hot. Readers can see that the thermometer shown on my earlier post was at 110°F. And that was in a shady place!

Our longest stop was at the Rock Cafe, where we ate lunch. I’d never had Fried Green Tomatoes before but wasn’t prepared to have just those, in case I was disappointed. So I ordered a ‘big burger’ (with lettuce, tomato, gherkin and mustard), Sharon ordered an Alligator Burger with Fries and Gail had ‘small burger’ with cheese fries to share. We then ordered the fried tomatoes as table share. Nevertheless, they came as my ‘side’, which was ok because we all got to try some. So: fried green tomatoes whilst tasty, are just another means of serving up batter. Green Tomatoes sliced into ( maybe) three, dipped in batter and fried – the clue was in the name I suppose.

Sharon said the alligator “tasted like chicken”.

We looked in at many of the various ‘sights’ en route but as we were not properly pre-prepared ‘road warriors’ we had no more than a passing interest. The Rock Cafe is registered as a historical landmark, so we sort of ‘did’ that, but so was the ‘famous’ Round Barn just outside Acacia, but that didn’t mean a whole lot to us townies. We’d made POPS our goal, also in Acacia and not far from the Oklahoma City boundary. We’d not checked out the web site before setting off and really expected a mom and ‘pop’ sort of place, who’s claim to fame was a vast array of sodas; root beer being their speciality. What we found was a state of the art rest stop with (excellent choice of) loud music and with hundreds of people milling about. After such a quiet journey this was quite a shock.

Anyway, today – Monday, has been my first day back under the lash. I’ve been working on a Moodle web site all day and I’m more worn out than I could have imagined. I’ve moved into the bedroom to work as I’m not directly under the A/C there, but it gets damn hot (well just warm compared to outside) and dark. Jambalaya for tea – and Sam Adams Summer Ale.


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