I’ve spent a long week working on the RSC Moodle. I’m not overly happy with what I’ve done, but that might be just self-doubt, we’ll have to see. [written Monday, I’m much happier now-Thursday]

Friday last week, was our 6th Wedding Anniversary – yet another one spent away from home. I got the anniversary gift wrong though – it should have been iron and/or sugar: I got Sharon some iron (well, a fridge magnet) and some paper; a 16 month women’s-wit calendar. Ha well! At least I got the year right – Sharon got me a copper picture frame (copper for 7th anniversary’s). Hey ho.

Last Sunday we took another trip along Route 66, this time towards the northeast corner of the state. First stop was just up the road at Catoosa, where there is a huge concrete BLUE whale. Just why there’s a whale here when the nearest beach is a 10 hour drive away I don’t know but there it is. Although it’s ‘sort of’ looked after, the pool it’s in isn’t, so just another tourist site! We drove on through Claremore, mainly dual carriage way all the way, but still great to be driving through this very green and open part of Oklahoma. I guess we’re at the bottom end of the Prairies here, but there doesn’t seem to be much real farming going on. Plenty of places with cattle and goats but it doesn’t seem to be intense.

After stopping for lunch at Clantons in Vinita, we lost our way. Our 66 route was hard to find as, eventually, was the Interstate (I44) and we spent the best part of an hour on red roads like they have in Australia. It had never occurred to me that America would have such un-mettled roads, but of course they do – no country can afford to Tarmac/concrete every single highway and byway. It did give us a feel though, for what it just have been like driving on the original Route 66. We eventually made Miami in the top r/h corner of Oklahoma and set out to find some of the last remaining bits of 9’00” wide tarmac’d ‘Mother road’.

As I say, I’ve been working on the computer every weekday and we’ve only been out at weekends and the odd evening – but I still ave observations to make. First of all, there is an awful lot of phoning while driving – much more than we see at home these days. It’s illegal, but so is ignoring a Stop Sign – and no one does that. At junctions bearing a Stop sign the rule is that you Stop! Then you complete your journey by moving left, right or whatever – but you do it in turn: i.e. if you and someone else arrive at different parts of the junction (say you’re going north and they are going west?) at roughly the same time, you have to come to a common agreement about who goes first: it should be the person who ‘stopped’ first. But the uncertainty of that scares me to death. I’ve tried to imagine a similar rule working outside The Sportsman at the bottom of Fitzwilliam Street (by Tesco’s). There would be mayhem.

I’ve not been good at photographing my food this journey. We’ve not eaten out much and when we have, I’ve been halfway through my meal before remembering. Whoops. At Clanton’s last Sunday I had Chicken Fried Steak – on Gail’s recommendation. “It’s steak and it’s fried like a chicken ….. I’m told” she said. So I had to give it a try. It was ok – in reality it was a schnitzel or what we might describe as a piece of pork, batted out and paneed (bread crumbed) before being shallow fried. As I say, it was ok – the terminology amused me though. Sharon had Chicken Fried Chicken (guess!) and Gail had Home Pot-Roast – which was delicious. Each was accompanied with mashed potato, gravy (white sauce!) and vegetable. NO CHIPS (Fries) Very nice.


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  2. Nice reading your account or Route 66 – growing up around that area it brings back many memories. I really liked those old narrow concrete roads in the middle of nowhere.


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