Chicken Fried

There’s a whole ‘chicken fried’ thing going on down here. Chicken fried this and chicken fried that seems to be on most (well, many) menus. There seems to be no ‘one’ definition for what it means other than it’s fried like a chicken!

I had my first ‘chicken fried’ last week in Vinita, Oklahoma. Chicken Fried Steak. I’m told that it should be a steak that’s chicken fried! At this point my understanding was that the whole thing meant that the meat would be flour, egg and bread-crumbed before being fried (like a chicken?) and it was. [I know that we might call this an escalope or a schnitzel, but bear with me].

However, when Jaime arrived yesterday to stay for the weekend she was alarmed when told that my Chicken Fried Steak had been pork (we thought it was either pork or veal, but given the cost decided on pork) as it should have been ‘steak’! And in Jaime’s cookbook the whole thing should have been cooked (i.e. deep fried) in chicken fat.

Ok – I’m beginning to get it — chicken fried means: wrapped like a chicken, cooked in chicken fat (like a chicken)?

Anyway, as our chicken fried conversation got under way, there was mention of chicken fried bacon: let me say that again – chicken fried bacon (if you’re still with me: in my mind at this point, it’s bacon, bread-crumbed and fried in chicken fat?). Well wait a Gosh darned minute – that’s not even the half of it! In Texas, it seems, chicken fried is not bread-crumbed but battered … and they deep fry battered bacon (in chicken fat??

Try to watch this and not laugh. …


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