Jake and Elwood

So on Saturday night, we had a late supper with Elvis, Jake and Elwood in a diner with red vinyl seats and an old (faux) Wurlitzer. And it’s on Route 66!
However not so you’d notice, as it’s a rest stop on one side of I44 – Tulsa, at a point where the Mother Road shares itself with the Interstate. I’d seen photos of the place on Flickr earlier in the day, using a ‘near you’ feature on one of the iPhone’s Apps and thought it might be worth a visit.

We’d spent the day travelling north to Pawhuska, [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osage_Nation] centre of the Osage Native American National lands. We’d seen that there were a number of places there to visit so we decided to get there, have lunch and ‘do Pawhuska’. Lunch was in the only diner/café (the Midway Café) that seemed to be open and it wasn’t half bad. I’d thought about several dishes before being tempted by Jaime’s decision to have a ‘Country Scramble Deluxe’ which consisted of sausage, bacon, egg, hash browns, biscuits and gravy! In the end we all had that – Sharon had her gravy on the side, we had ours as described on the menu ‘smothered in gravy’!

I’m not usually a great fan of these uniquely American breakfast dishes – after all and hitherto, biscuits have just been plain scones and gravy has just been seasoned ‘white sauce’. But today’s biscuit was a delightful soft dough and the gravy a peppery well seasoned sauce. Not just milk thickened with cornflour. The words still stick in my throat though. After all (again) biscuits are not delightfully soft doughs and gravy is brown. Are they not?

We then visited the Osage Museum on the edge of town before coming home to feed the animals. We were going to a rodeo in the evening.

The rodeo was in Collinsville [http://collinsville-ok.com/collinsvilleok/] , and we’d all decided that we couldn’t come to Oklahoma and not visit a rodeo! I’d worried all along that it would be a day time thing because the heat would have been too much to stay out in. In the end it was an 8.00pm start, which was fine because the heat had dropped a little and apart from one short period, the humidity was acceptable. The rodeo was ok – not something I’d want to do every weekend, but ok. It reminded me of the spectacles and fetes that the French have each summer in every village, attended and enjoyed by all the locals. It was a great experience.

On the way home, we’d only had a Frito Chili Pie to share between us all night, we decided to have a late supper at the diner with red vinyl seats, which is just up the road from Gail’s home. Between us we had catfish, onion rings, French fries, Cole slaw and drinks with lots and lots of ice. I had a (yet another disappointing) coffee.


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