Hesdin, Azincourt and Montreuil

For one reason and another, we didn’t get our picnic lunch on Thursday until we were on our way back from Le Creuset. By then, the deteriorating weather had thrown up some really strong winds. Nevertheless, we did manage to eat outside on a picnic bench; but we needed our coats on. By the time we got back to Boulogne, we could hardly stand, as the wind was so strong.

We decided to have a couple of drinks down in the lower part of town before returning for a light snack and bed. We had our drinks in Au Bureau, a popular bar in the large (Dalton?) square. I found WiFi there and thought I’d have a play with Foursquare – my use of this had now become a competition with Alison. However, try as I might I couldn’t get onto the Au Bureau router. I asked for the code and the waiter just shrugged his shoulders. So, I explored the other options and came up with Boing (mwa, mwa s-i-l). This allowed me on and I was able to ‘locate’ myself but actually posting anything was a nightmare. I suspect that downloads are pretty much unrestricted whereas uploads grind to an absolute stop at most times. One post managed to get through in about 90 minutes.

When we got back to the hotel, we tried their free WiFi, which works wonderfully well (see Flickr pics and YouTube video) – the only downside is that it works on just one machine at a time. This will make registering on Foursquare somewhat difficult. But never mind.

Today, Friday, we have done a tour of the Boulonnais countryside. We followed the Course Valley (Vallée de la Course) pretty much top to bottom – but zig-zagged all the way down and then carried on down the Vallée de la Canche to Hesdin.

Both valleys (there are several others) are very pretty and quite beautifully quiet drives. We were spoiled only by the weather, which was mixed to say the least. As lunch was to be another picnic, we had coffee in Hesdin, a town which originated back before the Hundred Years War, when this part of France was the Spanish Netherlands, before toodling up to Azincourt (guess) to find somewhere to set up and eat. Unlike yesterday, we were able to have a wind-free lunch, but only just managed to avoid the rain which came siling down just minutes after we’d finished. We didn’t ‘do’ Azincourt though because of the heavy rain.

We finished our trip at Montreuil, which is another ancient town, overlooking the surrounding countryside and ringed by imposing ramparts. As the weather had bucked up somewhat, we walked all the way around these. About 3-4 kilometres. Lovely.

Dinner. Somewhere. Soon!


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