Monday – Brantôme et environs

It’s so quiet here.

I think we forget (or don’t realise) just how much noise pollution we have to put up with at home. The silence here each night, puts Ty Llwyd and parts of the W.A. Outback to shame. However, this morning you’d have thought there was a circus in town! Cattle, poultry, general birds and a more specific Wood Pigeon all decided to kick-off about 7.30am. They had a good hour of verbalising before they began to fade into the background. If it hadn’t been for the preceding silence, we probably wouldn’t have noticed. What a racket!

Anyway, we decided to visit Brantôme today as it’s only about an hour’s drive from here. Brantôme is a beautiful town on the road from Angouleme to Perigueux. But it’s also a very busy town with lots of people and lots of traffic.

We gave it about an hour and a half before getting too hot and fed up of all the tourists. I know I’m part of that particular problem, but neither Sharon nor I like places to be quite this busy. We’d packed a picnic, so we wanted somewhere quiet to eat it (however, that’s another story) and drove off in search of some such place. I had stayed here in Brantôme once before in a previous life, when Sue and I were taking Ben and Emma somewhere down south west France – Bidart I think, close to the Spanish border, but I couldn’t place the hotel we stayed in! Mind, it was about twenty years ago – maybe more.

We drove on and found Bourdeilles a few miles s.w. of Brantôme on the D78 and spent the best part of an hour looking around the town. There’s a big château here which we could have visited but lunch was calling, so we eventually drove up and down the countryside surrounding the River Dronne, as far as Ribérac and up to Verteillac, where we finally had our picnic. This was a pleasant place too, with commanding views of the area. The town square reminded me of something out of North Yorkshire!

We made our way home via another strong coffee in Montbron and are just settling down for the evening. Carmargue Rice Risotto!


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