Thursday – Limoges

Today, we took a trip out east and visited Limoges.

As always on our first visits – I’m not sure we gave Limoges the looking at it deserved but we tried.

We shopped, we explored and we ate there (see: ). We will at some future time, re-visit the city. Unlike Angouleme, which we visited on Tuesday. Neither of us can see any reason to re-visit Angouleme!

On the way home from Limoges, we stopped off in St. Junien and had a nice walk around (and a rum and raisin flavoured coffee ice cream …) They have interesting roundabouts here. We also called in at Rochechouart, where we found another Chateau to look at! I’m not usre that I mentioned the Chateau we visited yesterday in Rochefoucauld. Hey ho.

We then planned sautéed veal escalope for tea with pommes dauphinoise and ratatouille, but there was so much dauphinoise (scrumptious garlicy, cheese, creamy potatoes) that we had just them with a bottle of Gewürztraminer and an olive fougasse from Paul’s in Limoges.


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