Parlez vous Francais?

Sharon and I arrived in Lyon last night.

Given the cost and time comparison between driving here and fly/drive, we’d chosen to fly to France this year. We picked up our hire car (a Citreon C4) and immediately got lost! Par for the course I’m afraid.  I’d booked the hotel some time in the depths of winter (February!), a nice Campanile just outside the airport – a no more than 4 or 5 kilometer drive. However …

I’d not realised that Lyon had two airports. I’d simply searched for ‘hotels + Lyon airport’, checked the map and booked it. Only when we double checked all the documents before flying did we realise that Saint Exupéry airport is different to the one at Bron (much nearer to Lyon) that we’d booked out hotel at. The maps I’d printed did not show the full area, only my route, we’d got bigger maps in the suitcases, along with Geoffrey, out SatNav, but how wrong could we get?


Anyway, suffice to say we got here (late), had a small but tasty meal and went to bed. Done.

We’d flown via Heathrow where during our 4 hour stopover, we;d eaten in the Gordon Ramsey Plane Food restaurant in Terminal 5. There was more food on the menu I wanted to eat, but I settled for the burger and Sharon had the beetroot salad with goats cheese and walnuts (just a little light on the goats cheese, but hugely tasty).

Today we set off for Sancerre, about three and a half hours away. We have accommodation booked at a college there, where we will both undertake a week-long French language course. Oo lah lah.


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