Je suis un élève à l’école de langues à Sancerre

Classes start this afternoon but we’ve just returned from an informal meeting with the teachers and other students, at the school itself.

My head hurts 😉

The school specialises in immersive language learning, so despite my meagre and hitherto untested french vocabulary, we only heard french being spoken. This afternoon we will have over three hours of it

Still, that’s what I wanted; to finally be able to listen and converse in french, so that I might be able to better understand what’s being said to me and that I might better make myself understood whenever I’m over here.

Sharon and I will have classes together – just the two of us and a teacher, so that should be OK. There are plenty of other students though, mainly from Canada or the USA, all being taught in their family units. This sort of makes socialising difficult as they (like us I suppose) gain confidence from being in those family groups. We’ll see how the week pans out.

We’ve signed up for a number of out-of-class activities too, which will add variety to the course. Watch this space.At the time of writing, we are still no further on with our AVIS rental car problem. We have spoken to UK AVIS and they have said that they will also try to contact the AVIS-Lyon airport – but we get no answer from the published number, or the extra number given by the UK. Neither have we yet had a reply from our emails.

We cannot drive the car right now because it is illegal!

AVIS did not provide the necessary yellow vests or the emergency triangle required  by French law. There are no ‘recommended’ spare light bulbs, there is no recommended first aid kit or any sign of the recommended fire extinguisher.

Stop Press – Breathalyser also required (thanks James)



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