Early classes

On Monday evening we drove to Cosne Sur Loire (known locally as Cone) to pick up an emergency triangle and ‘an’ emergency vest!

Our professeur’ Marianne had phoned AVIS on our behalf, as none of the numbers we had been given could/would go through.

We later realised that they were not accessible from the UK – and although we are in France we have UK based phones! It beggars belief then, that they give you (us) those numbers? After all, they expect you to have a mobile phone with you in the car, because they require your mobile phone number on the contract.

It was a such a palaver: Marianne had to insist on being put through to AVIS at Lyon airport and then to further insist that they arranged for the goods to be available for collection at the nearest agency and that they take full responsibility for the lack of legally required ‘stuff’ [I wasn’t convinced by this agreement, but …] whilst we drove there.

Then today, Tuesday, I finally received a reply from AVIS to the email (marked URGENT) I sent on Saturday. Well, it was cc of that email, which they had forwarded (finally) to AVIS Europe.

At 5.45pm tonight AVIS Europe rang me to say that I shouldn’t worry, it was their problem and that they would be the one who would get into trouble (fined) – AND – if I felt unsafe without the kit, I should buy it and they would give me the money upon the car’s return! As if!

Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand has already done. AVIS.

More holiday later …


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