un Crottin de Chavignol

Tuesday was hard work. We had booked in for the ‘optional’ group pronunciation class at 8.30am and followed that immediately with our personal 9.00am – 12.15pm course-class.

There are just the two of us in our own classes and we progress at a pace that suits us – yet it’s evident that there is such a lot to learn. We spent most of the afternoon just revising and re-writing what we’d done in the morning. Today, Wednesday we’ve already done a group pronunciation class but we’re not expected back ‘in’ until 13.30pm.

So that’s more revision then …

Our apartment, provided by the school (at a cost) is on the edge of town, overlooking the valley which surrounds Sancerre. It consists of a large entrance lobby that runs through the entire building, with a small w.c. off to the right and then a large bath/shower room with windows open to the fairly busy road. We keep them and their shutters closed.

At the back, there are room-wide windows to the kitchen/living room giving us the very open aspect over this part of France. [Cher – 18]. sandwiched between the bathroom and the living room is the airy bedroom, which has large windows that open into the living room! This allows us to have natural light in the bedroom and lots of evening sunlight right through until sundown. Lovely.

There was an organised trip on Tuesday evening; we all drove en convoy to a chèvrerie about 10k away. The region is famous for its goat’s cheese and has its own AOC mark. The farm was interesting enough and may have looked cruel to some as the goats were being herded onto a moving merry-go-round milking machine.

However, the goats seemed happy enough (eager in fact) to queue up and be relieved of their heavy looking burden when their time came around.

The cheeses themselves are delightful. We were given three to taste and although all of the evening’s explanations went right over my head, I think they were ‘freshly made’ (jeune), ‘about two weeks old’ (bleuté) and ‘finished – mature’ (affiné) – who knows. At least one of these will be devoured tonight 🙂

We had pizza for tea, not bad to say the one guy was serving everyone as well as cooking the food (as well as take-aways). The dessert was crap though. Anyway – back to it …



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  1. […] in the week, we visited a chévererie [see blog post] and bought three crottins. Last night (Mercredi) we had the youngest – jeunne – for tea, […]


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