The week has got colder day by day.

We arrived on Saturday in bright sunshine, but each day has seen a deterioration in the weather.

It still hasn’t rained (much) but it’s noticeably colder, especially as we didn’t pack our usual summer-at-home gear. Brrr.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop us visiting the market in St. Satur this morning, as part of our class, to exercise our speaking and listening skills. It is surprising how much you do understand, when the teacher is saying “listen – he saying ‘x’, ‘y’ and ‘z‘, and look – she’s asking such and such a thing.”

By now, we are expanding our speech and conjugating our verbs – now, that’s a ball-ache!

At least here, our teacher did not start by saying that there are regular verbs and irregular verbs (and then concentrating on the irregular as has happened in previous classes that I’ve attended in the UK); instead she taught us ‘to be‘ and ‘to have‘ simply as two important verbs that needed conjugating, as part of the class’s development. When she eventually (day three) introduced the conjugation of verbs as a subject we realised that those two (être and avoir) were in fact irregulars, along with the just recently introduced aller. But it was not a big thing – simply “you must remember these.

We’re attending a cook-in tonight! One teacher and six students (a family of four and the two of us) will prepare and eat dinner together.  I’d not realised that when I booked us in. I’d thought we were just going somewhere to eat and that there would be conversation at the table. It’s bad enough doing that (I am not  great conversationalist in English, never mind my poor French) but to also have to prepare it – with others – fills me with dread.

Remember my original trade – knocking up eight meals is nothing, but knocking up eight meals with seven others contributing? …… AND talking French too … I need to lie down 😉


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