Assiette Gourmand

20130807-211515.jpgSo here we are.  Well, there we were – yesterday – I’ve had to wait until now to correct my iPad-based earlier post).

We’re at ‘Le Clos du Quesnay’, a Chambre d’Hote in Mauquenchy, Normandy.  And it’s our wedding anniversary – nine years today 🙂

We set off at 6:15am this morning and made it past Leeds on the M62 before it got too busy. We made it down the A1 past Doncaster and past Sheffield before it got too busy ….. We made it past the mist/fog that affected the A1 as far as Stamford and we made it to Peterborough, where we planned to eat our ‘fat rascals’ (specially bought at Betty’s last month).  Then, the usual ‘holiday fun’ started – we queued for 15 minutes just to get off the motorway and into the Services. 15 MINUTES! Haven’t they heard of traffic lights?

Anyway, we then made good time to Folkestone – only to find the train delayed due to an earlier ‘fault’.  Although frustrating, it turned out to be only half an hour late departing.

Then, we were in France, where the motorways are empty and the roads are quieter still.  Geoffrey, our SatNav brought us here safely from the motorway.  Tomorrow, I will face him with the task of getting us to Bourges via the ‘A’ roads. Good luck Geoffrey.

The meal tonight, pre-booked, was Assiette Gourmand – a delightful mixture of local meats and cheeses with bread and salad. Pudding was similarly tasty, something chocolaty and far too rich for me.

As I say, tomorrow it’s Bourges and then we move onto Lodeve, close to the Pont de Millau – which I am greatly looking forward to seeing.


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