p[icture of a long table laid out for breakfastWell, this morning’s breakfast was immense.

It was by far the best (non-meat) breakfast we’ve had in France this last few years, possibly ever (never say ever ;-))

The proprietors make as much of the produce as possible: Brioche and other bread (not the baguette), preserves (on the table: apricot, rhubarb and banana, blackberry) and cake. If we’d ordered ‘dinner’ last night instead of the cold plate, we would have had five home-made courses including home-made cider, pommeau and calvados. Jean-Francoise planted over 1,000 trees when they arrived here – 25 types of apple trees included. A real Normandy treat.

Le Clos du Quesnay

We left Mauquenchy around 9:15am and let Geoffrey take us as far as Orleans. He needed some coaching, as his first thought is to drive onto the nearest motorway, peage or no peage. So Sharon had to ask him for Les Andelys, then Evreaux (with a quick change to Dreaux just before the motorway just so that we didn’t actually hit the motorway). Then we followed our maps without him all the way around Chartres, Orleans and on down to Bourges where we are now.

The Cathedral St. Etienne, Bourges

We went into the city and had a good walk around this ancient town. The Cathedral of St. Etienne, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, sits atop a hill, giving it a commanding view of the surrounding countryside. We spent a good deal of time admiring the stone carvings, statues and stained glass before descending the hill for what turned out to be a mediocre dinner en route to the car.

Tomorrow we drive through the centre of France, via Clemont Ferrand and the Viaduc de Millau to Lodève, where we will stay on the final evening of our journey to the gite in Faugères. That could be the last day that  can post until we get WiFi again on our return journey. 😦

We must remember (I must tell myself every time I come to France) that the entire country go on holiday this month. As a result (I must remind myself), all the little towns we pass through on our preferred off-autoroute journey – are closed. No bucherie, no boulangerie no bugger all!! And there’s nothing of note between Orleans and Chartres. Also note: The Campanille at Bourges is tired and unappealing.

There – I won’t forget now.


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  1. […] The hotel was Ok, French (if you know what that means), but Ok. At least it was better than the Campanilles we’ve become used to and much better than that at Bourges. […]


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