Viaduc de Millau

Today was motorway all the way. It was the only way we could see to reach our destination; ‘do’ the Viaduc de Millau, and have WCs en route. The smaller French towns tend to hide their toilets and not all French supermarkets have loos. Besides that, it was a (relatively) long way.

The Viaduc de Millau

We had no real hold ups en route and despite all our fears of too much French holiday traffic (last Saturday was one of this months ‘black’ Saturdays) and the amount of cars and caravans sat in the service areas, the route remained fairly clear. I doubt it will be the same tomorrow.

Come what may, all we have to do tomorrow is get to Faugères. I’m also picking Karen and Dave up at the railway station in Béziers around 5:00pm. We can’t get into the gite until 4:00pm – so we need to shop for the weekend en route from Lodève to Faugères. We will probably (therefore) carry on down the motorway to Béziers where there is sure to be a hypermarket.

Joanne and Mike are leaving Troyes in the morning, so we expect them sometime in the evening, possibly late … I therefore intend to prepare a meal that can be had at any time.

Sharon and I have just had the most delicious meal here, just across the road from our hotel. I had a salad chaud de gesiers, followed by pave de beouf son pot de (something or other) and assiette de fromage. Sharon had terrine de chevre aux legumes, pave de thon and panna cotta. Delicious.

And that’s probably it until we next encounter WiFi.


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