Chateau BruniquelSharon and I set off back home on Saturday (24th). We’d planned a leisurely return to the UK and our first stop was to be at Cahors.

To get there from Faugères we drove over the mountains; up the D13 through Herepian and various roads to Lacaune and then the D607 and D999 to Alben and Albi, before letting Geoffrey take us on to Cahors. Although the first half of the journey, through the mountains, must have had fabulous views, we were plagued with rain and low cloud which prevented us from having full benefit.

From Albi however, and through Tarn, the weather progressively improved. We stopped for lunch at Bruniquel, an ancient village just off the beaten track. We spent an hour exploring this hillside gem before eating our picnic behind the car in the car park 🙂 Another town worth a look next time we’re down this way would be Montricoux – in fact this entire region is worth another good look.

We arrived in Cahors early enough to drop our stuff off at the hotel and then go into the city for a walk. We stayed at the Hotel Valentré, just on the edge of town which allowed us to visit the bridge of the same name before our stroll into town. The Pont Valentré is a UNESCO world heritage listed construction that spans the river Lot.

The Valentre Bridge, Cahors

Cahors itself seems to have become a bit ‘Blackpooly’ since our previous visit five years ago. The restaurants all seem to serve plastic menu stuff (apart from the one or two we just couldn’t get in to – they were so full) and the shops had all types of tourist stuff for sale. We’d liked it before but are not sure we’ll bother coming again. We didn’t have a memorable meal!

The hotel was Ok, comfortably French (if you know what that means), but Ok. At least it was better than the Campanilles we’ve become used to and much better than that at Bourges.


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