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The Wedding

picture of wedding cake - modeled on suitcases

Travel cake

So, we spent three nights in Gibraltar.

It’s such a small place that we kept bumping into other friends as we wandered around or had our meals.

Our favourite breakfast spot was the Royal Calpe on Main Street – not because of the service, which was often surly and neglectful, but because the food served was exactly what it said on the menu, and hot, and quick – AND – because they had free WiFi ☺

The wedding itself was a magnificent success.

The bride looked stunning, as did the groom in his Full Dress scarlet uniform (his scarlet’s).

Kings Chapel was full and in excellent fettle (apart from the scaffolding which had been erected much to Michelle’s disgust). Outside, the weather was excellent and we all managed to work our way to the reception via a variety of bars in and around Casement Square.


picture of the bride's paretn - John and Carol

Bride’s parents

The reception itself was a wonderful success. Gaily decorated tables (scarlet to match James’ uniform and the bridesmaids’ dresses) were set in a large marquee for us to eat our main course of barbecued meats and salad, and dessert; whilst in Kings Bastion itself we were all served with a huge variety of tapas (a’la canapé), Cava and other drinks. The tapas were a fabulous success, tasty, succulent and seemingly never ending. We were sat with a number of James’ relatives and a great night was had by all.

The following day we moved out of our accommodation and out of Gibraltar, to Marina De La Alcaidesa.



I probably won’t be allowed to call this last week a holiday: There’s a chance that a holiday will be taken later in the year, but that depends on lots of things (like finding something we both like and agree on, and having the time to search).

We’ve been in Alcaidesa, southern Spain for four nights and spent earlier three nights in Gibraltar.

We were there to attend and to celebrate Michelle’s marriage to James. Michelle is John and Carol Taylor’s daughter and she met James while serving in the Royal Navy, whilst posted to Gibraltar. James is a Captain in the Royal Gibraltar Regiment. Michelle fell in love with the man and the area and managed to get herself posted there (semi)-permanently. She’s recently taken redundancy due to re-posting/cut backs and will stay on to study nursing at degree level (she should probably be the teacher, but despite all of her experience she has to attend a degree course).

Anyway: we were there with my brother Andrew and his girlfriend Debbie who just happen to be visiting us from their home in Australia. We had booked ex-army accommodation (via Michelle) in Gibraltar to keep the costs down, and a wonderful apartment in Alcaidesa – which isn’t necessarily the cheapest.

In Gib, we met other friends who were also attending the wedding (to bolster Michelle’s half of the church 😉 ) Graham and Sue; Jim and Yvette; Alan and Roberta; Debbie and Ian; Susan and Terry; David, Gail and Natalie (who had travelled all the way from Thailand to attend her cousin’s wedding).

We’ve never stayed overnight in Gib before so it was interesting to see it go through different cycles of a day. We’d always seen it as busy, busy, busy; but actually, it does go very quiet; the tourists go back to their hotels and cruise ships and the town goes quiet – many pubs closing earlier than you’d think. However, it is a constant buzz of noise with new buildings going up, old buildings coming down, roads being repaired etc. Every morning and throughout the day we saw streets being cleaned and paths being swept. I don’t remember seeing a beggar (unlike Cadiz later). tbc …