The Wedding

picture of wedding cake - modeled on suitcases

Travel cake

So, we spent three nights in Gibraltar.

It’s such a small place that we kept bumping into other friends as we wandered around or had our meals.

Our favourite breakfast spot was the Royal Calpe on Main Street – not because of the service, which was often surly and neglectful, but because the food served was exactly what it said on the menu, and hot, and quick – AND – because they had free WiFi ☺

The wedding itself was a magnificent success.

The bride looked stunning, as did the groom in his Full Dress scarlet uniform (his scarlet’s).

Kings Chapel was full and in excellent fettle (apart from the scaffolding which had been erected much to Michelle’s disgust). Outside, the weather was excellent and we all managed to work our way to the reception via a variety of bars in and around Casement Square.


picture of the bride's paretn - John and Carol

Bride’s parents

The reception itself was a wonderful success. Gaily decorated tables (scarlet to match James’ uniform and the bridesmaids’ dresses) were set in a large marquee for us to eat our main course of barbecued meats and salad, and dessert; whilst in Kings Bastion itself we were all served with a huge variety of tapas (a’la canapé), Cava and other drinks. The tapas were a fabulous success, tasty, succulent and seemingly never ending. We were sat with a number of James’ relatives and a great night was had by all.

The following day we moved out of our accommodation and out of Gibraltar, to Marina De La Alcaidesa.


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