Paris – Tuesday


We spent today, mostly walking along the Promenade Plantée (Coulée Verte).

This is an excursion into the real Paris – of Parisians. We took the Metro to Bastille and knowing roughly where the walkway started, made our way towards Avenue Daumesnil and there is is – a long viaduct upon which you meander as far as Boulevard Peripherique.

Well, not quite, from time to time you have to descend and walk through housing and along routes not quite as obvious as they should be. It was interesting nevertheless to see into bck gardens and to get eye-level views of the architecture. Around Gare de Lyon, there was some quite superb statuary. Despite the slight lack of signage here and there, we did manage to plot our way right up to the Peripherique and then under that as far as the Bois de Vincennes.

The walkway seems to have passed beneath the motorway at one time but not now. My advice to anyone wanting to make a day of this trip – is to take picnic, or when you get to Saint-Mandé (just the other side of the motorway (we turned left – but it depends where you get across) buy yourselves some sandwiches and a drink. The ‘Bois’ isn’t far away and even nearer are two pleasant lakes – we stopped by the Lac de Saint-Mandé.

We then made our way north a little and found the Château de Vincennes. This is the end of Metro line 1, so we knew we could get back easy enough. They seem to be doing an awful lot of reconstruction here, so it’s well worth a visit again. We didn’t visit the Donjon itself, but you could (@ €8.50 each) – and there’s plenty of room around, or across the road for that picnic.  Just take the yellow Number 1 Metro line to the very end.

Tonight, it being our final night in Paris, we intend to eat locally and to then take a Metro trip to the top of Champs-Élysées. We’re told that a walk down here, once the sun has gone down is well worth the trip. So – well see!


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