The hard bit

Puxe. Day 2.

Elephant, CalaisWe arrived in Calais, all safe and well around mid afternoon on Saturday (20th). We’d left Catterick around 6.30am and arrived at Tesco, just outside the Euro Tunnel complex roughly 5 hours later. As we’d stopped and had breakfast on the way, that wasn’t bad timing at all.

Calais was cold. And windy. And then, later, wet. Brrr.

The hotel was what it always is here @ Hotel Meurice, comfortable and an easy place to spend the night. Because the weather was bad, Sharon was ill, I was threatening man-flu and the others were tired, we wolfed down an ‘ok’ pizza and went to bed.

We set off and headed for Metz, which is the nearest city to us here at Chateau de Puxe, around 9:00am and although the weather was hit and miss the whole way down, we arrived at 4:00pm – and only used the A roads (or N/D roads as they are here). We ate out this night, as the Chambre d’Hote couldn’t accommodate us (as we’d hoped, and as intimated on We ended up at le Crocus, Avenue de LaFayette. Not bad, but instantly forgettable food.

Veitshöchheim. Day 3.

Today was another wet and miserable day, worse in many ways than yesterday as the rain didn’t stop at any time.


We’d decided to avoid motorways en route to Veitshöchheim (which is just outside Wurzburg – at the top of the Romantic Road through Bavaria) and to enjoy the countryside. Hence, it took all day. We stopped for coffee and a cake at Pirmasens and then drove on through the drizzle until we arrived around 17:00.

The hotel is close to the river Main and the town has been developed around (I suspect) the tourist trade. It is typically German (clean, well ordered and tidy), with a variety of vibrant colours used to decorate the houses – ala Aberaeron.

We ate at a restaurant whose name I forget. The food and atmosphere was tremendous. We came back to the hotel to share this fact but the Internet (which has been a trial all week so far) was ‘down’. Grrrr.

And this morning it is still off – for the entire hotel. Hey ho.





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