Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Days 4 and 5.

Today was a better day weather-wise, not much – but better. And, it was the first real day of our holiday, with only a little traveling involved – just enough to take us from Veitshöchheim to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, only around 50 miles on the motorway. But we detoured.

After breakfast we drove into Wurzburg for a few hours ‘looking around’. It was in the car park that we first encountered the Wurzburg ‘personality’ (or possibly the second, if the woman who said we were speaking too loudly in last night’s restaurant was a local). There was lots of standing around and shaking of heads and tutting. “Just think – an English car is trying to park in a German car park”. Tut tut.

Sadly, Mike had woken today with a debilitating back pain – so we explored the town as best we could while checking out a few Apothekes. It is probably worth spending more time exploring this city and maybe we will on another day, on another trip, but for now we had to get under way to see other places along our route. Next stop was Weikersheim.

This is a pretty little village just south of Wurzburg. We parked outside the town and followed a sculpture trail around the edge to get in from the top of town. All of the exhibits are by Gunter Stilling – see: and made (mostly? All?) of bronze. And mainly body parts!

We stayed in Rothenberg ODT for two nights.

Rothenburg city wallsThe first evening was spent in the delightful company of our friends Christoph and Edith, who live quite nearby. We’d arranged to meet them in one of the town’s hotels for a drink and to then drive out to a local restaurant they knew, just a small way back up towards Wurzburg. However, because Mike was still ill and had decided to stay in, we were all able to go in Christoph’s car. The food, the drink and the camaraderie was wonderful. Because it was a known venue, and we were with locals, we had the best advice for both food and for drink. I tried two Frankish beers; dark beers, which were delightful, and a local wine – Bacchus (halbtrocken).

 Sharon had Calves cheeks braised in beer, with potato dumplings, Jo had a trout dish that looked lovely and I had a HUGE pork chop with Spätzle and cauliflower. We had such a fabulous evening – thank you Christoph and Edith.

We spent the entire second day walking around the town walls (covered walls), drinking coffee and eventually, beer; and shopping. The town is ‘oldie worldlie’ quaint, but that disguises a keen eye for the tourist $$. The town was heaving with far eastern (Japanese? Chinese? Korean? Other?) and American tourists – all with full shopping bags and selfie-sticks. There are Christmas shops, open all the year round and who export to all parts of the world. Similarly, there are numerous toy and teddy-bear shops stocking all variety of old fashioned and new toys. I saw some really unusual and strange Steiff bears. I even bought a couple 🙂

On Christoph’s recommendation we ate that night at Hell. Sharon had a schnitzel, whilst Mike and I had a special chanterelle dish with flour dumplings and meat (I chose bratwurst, but cannot remember what Mike or Jo had). Another great night with great, local, beer and wine.


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