Head for the hills

Friedberg – Day 6 and 7 (Thursday and Friday)

On Thursday and Friday we toodled further down the Romantic Road.

We kept off the beaten track as much as we could and found some wonderful roads to drive on and a couple of pretty towns we would otherwise have missed. The weather had begun to change on Thursday and although it still rained, it was only a little and we saw much more sun.

We stopped en route, for a walk and for coffee, at Dinkelsbühl. This is one of the road’s famed walled towns and was the beginning of our off-the-beaten-track detour. It is a lovely town, with many old-fashioned, well kept houses and a walking route around the outside of the walls. By now we had seen all shapes, sizes and colours of old-fashioned central-European buildings (Rotherberg had more than it’s fair share) and it was a pleasure to see that someone had restored one of the tiniest here in Dinkelsbühl.

We stopped for lunch at Harburg, where there is a Schloss/Berg/Castle on the hill (according to the link, Michael Jackson tried to buy the castle, calling it “the castle of my dreams”). The town itself, which is beautiful and well worth a visit, was cut off from the main route because of road works. Yet, because the Castle said it was still open, we were able to ignore the road signs and then (after visiting the castle) cut through into town. The Castle entry was €3 each, which we thought was OK, but in fact gave us access to nowhere other than the restaurant and castle grounds. If we’d paid the full €7 we could have had an hour long escorted tour of the castle and learned a little more of it’s history. Yorkshire born tight-wads!

Because we didn’t think Mike’s back would stand the walk down through woods into town, Sharon and I went alone. We ate in Harburg and they, Jo and Mike, ate in the Castle restaurant. We spent the night at Hotel Zum Brunnen in Friedberg. If you ever go to this hotel, you will find it behind and above the street it says it’s on. This is not a bad thing, as it is in a quiet position, but it confuses the SatNav completely.

Friedberg is a busy little town just outside the much bigger city of Augsburg and right on the Romantic Road. We had a good walk around here, then had a few drinks and then had dinner.

I had the weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten. I didn’t photograph the food because the picture would have just looked like slices of meat, egg and tomato floating in a bowl of clear brown soup. Which it wasn’t! The dish had been described to me, both by Jo and by the waiter (interpreted by Jo) and I honestly thought they were describing brawn or the French Pate de Tete. What it ACTUALLY was; was slices of meat, egg and tomato SET in a well-spiced, acidic aspic jelly! This came with sauté potatoes laced with lardons of bacon. It was OK – but … weird. The picture here (from t’internet with thanks, is the nearest image i can find to show what I had 🙂 ) I think it was called Tellersulz.

Friday was a gorgeous day with lots of sunshine and lots more of the narrow, winding country roads, which are the REAL romantic road. We stopped along the way and sat watching swans and all manner of water fowl flying in and out of a lake formed along the River Lech and then had lunch in Schongau, where there is another walled town. Here, we were able to eat our lunch in the sun, in the town square and watch he Friday market packing up for the day.


We arrived in Schwangau, the day’s destination, in time for a good walk around the town and time to relax. The hotel http://www.hotel-weinbauer.de/ is well placed to see the nearby http://neuschwansteincastle.net/ perched on a not too distant mountain, and https://www.hohenschwangau.de/556.0.html which is not perched quite so high.


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