Tirol and Alps

Arrival – days 8 and 9 (Saturday and Sunday)


Days 6 and 7

Days 4 and 5

Days 2 and 3

Day 1

Schwangau is a great place to visit if you want to see the two castles, to explore lakes, to cycle, to walk and/or to climb (or hang glide – but then, that’s sport and I don’t do sport J). It is situated just outside Fussen, which is recognised as the last stop on the Romantische Straße.

We stayed at the Weinbauer hotel/guesthouse, which is pleasant enough – but badly placed on the main road. If like us, your rooms are at the front (rooms 1-6), you will find yourself battered by the constant barrage of noise from passing traffic. It quietens a little during the night but you HAVE TO HAVE your windows closed, which is no good if it’s warm. Also, although there is WiFi Internet in these rooms, it is intermittent and weak. We ate in the hotel restaurant, which is open to the public and very busy. I had a delicious goulasch, which was on the special board, Jo had schnitzel, Sharon had a big salad with chicken goujons and Mike had what was described as meat loaf on the ‘English’ menu – but turned out to be spam! (Actually it was a type of leberwurst –

Weinbauer hotel

We set off for our final destination on Saturday morning, 27th June.

Although not as good weather-wise as Friday, it was still a nice day and only rained a little as we crossed the mountains into Austria. We hadn’t far to travel (we are now based near Immenstadt) so we detoured through the Austrian Tirol and German Alps ( Although very twisty, the roads are good and the views are terrific and well worth taking the extra time. [If you’re interested >>>]: We went from Schwangau to Reutte, to Weißenbach, to Nesselwängle, to Oberjoch and almost to Sonthofen, which describes itself as the most southerly town in Germany. However, we detoured again and went on to Oberstdorf – which to me seems to be further south than Sonthofen. Who knows!


Oberstdorf, is a winter sports destination but also has many hiking trails to please walkers throughout the year. It rained again while we were here to so we didn’t bother.

The apartment is in-between Sonthofen and Immenstadt, in a village called Blaichach. We’re on the top floor of a large three-storied house. There are three bedrooms; we’re using one as a sitting room, two W/Cs, one with bath and one with shower and a huge kitchen-diner. All rooms have magnificent views over the mountains just to the south.

Breakfast, Sunday.

Because we’ve eaten out for more than a week now, we decided that Saturday night and all day Sunday would be home-cooked/prepared and on Saturday night we sat down to a huge salad with feta cheese and lots of German bread. Sunday breakfast was similarly fabulous with sliced ham, boiled eggs, strawberries, freshly caught bread (I walked into the village and caught it myself) prune mousse jam [pflaumen-mus] and freshly ground coffee we’d bought earlier in Dinkelsbühl. Delicious.

We spent the rest of Sunday relaxing and getting a feel for the area.


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