Southern Germany

Blaichach – w/c 29/06/15

As I said on the previous post:

The apartment is in-between Sonthofen and Immenstadt, in a village called Blaichach. We’re on the top floor of a large three-storied house. There are three bedrooms; we’re using one as a sitting room, two W/Cs, one with bath and one with shower and a huge kitchen-diner. All rooms have magnificent views over the mountains just to the south and west.

Sharon, hidingWe spent most of Sunday loitering around the apartment. I had, as stated previously, walked into Blaichach to forage for bread but then later in the day Sharon and I walked up and over the hill opposite us, back down into Blaichach and back to the apartment in what was turning out to be a cracking day weather wise. I made a ratatouille pasta for tea, with salad and it was right delicious.

On Monday, we decided to try out Immenstadt for size. It’s not a huge town and seems to be fairly work-a-day; busy but not especially tourist orientated. We did a little shopping and then drove further up the road to Alpsee. We parked up down the river and went for a walk, (not quite) around the lake. The weather was now gorgeous and looked like setting in for the week. We then had to take Sharon and Jo to a place where they could throw themselves off a mountain. See:

Mike, still suffering with his back, and I, stayed at the bottom and had the most unlikely, fart inducing German sausage so far – Landjäger.  You have to remember that our translator had gone to throw herself off a mountain, so given the option of weiner (hot dog) or weiss (mostly yuk) we thought we’d picked winner. It turns out that landjäger is a cross between jerky and pepperami – not the most sought after food in my culinary universe ;-(

Anyway, once the wanderers had returned we moved back into Immendstadt to go up the Mittagbahn. This is a ski-lift thingy that took us to the top of Mittag, the mountain we can see out of our apartment’s western looking window.  This takes you up in two stages and the views from the top are magnificent, we thank only thank our lucky stars that the weather was kind to us, or it might not have been so good, or so warm ☺


Tuesday, we lounged around again until we thought the sun might have cooled a little. Then we went into Blaichach, parked and took a walk along the river towards Immenstadt. This is a lovely walk, with river on one side, the German version of allotments on the other, and for part of the way a small lake. Bought bread and then back for tea – salad I think.

Today, Wednesday, we drove to Lindau, to spend time on Bodensee, or what the Swiss (and most other countries) call Lake Constance. It’s only about an hour away from us, so not a great hardship, and we were under way just after nine. We parked on Lindau Island, had a coffee and then strolled around the Island until time for lunch. We’d booked tickets on a 90-minute boat trip, which en route, passed by Switzerland and took us into Austria before returning to Lindau. These boundaries are, by the way, apparently, arbitrary!

All the time, the sun shone brightly and all in all, this was a great day.  To see the mountains behind the mountains that line the southern shores is quite a thing to see and to see the River Rhine at its point of entry to the lake is quite surprising. You can easily see the flow as it enters and there is a difference of the water’s colour at that point. Interesting.

Diesel has been around €1.20 – €1.21 throughout most of Germany and France (we paid more in France, but that was because we were on a motorway) but in towns like Lindau and Fussen the prices rose to around €1.24 – €1.25. Sneaky. The car is averaging just less than 50 mpg, it would be more, but the first fill up, after driving through the UK, was not so good.


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