(Days 13 and 14) – 02/07/15 and 03/07/15Meat and cheese platter

We spent most of Thursday just lounging around. The temperature was up in the mid thirties – so we just soaked up what we could. We all walked down to the local bakery in the morning but then failed to move out at all until that evening.

In the evening we went just up the road to enjoy the meat and cheese platters available at Sennalpe Derb

And beer – although I only had alcohol-free 🙂

The alcohol beers over here are served everywhere and all taste so much better than anything I’ve had at home in England. Thursday night’s AF beer was strange tasting (weissen beer) but still better than at home.

3 kingsOn Friday, we awoke once more to the rising sun shining through the meagre blinds and had our cup of tea on the sunny terrace (as usual) at 06.30am.

We’d decided to visit Kempten today. En route, it started to rain. And not just rain as we know it but rain like we’re told it rains by everyone here. It bounced down. Once we’d parked we just sat in the car and waited for it to (sort of) stop. Massive bolts of lightening, loud bangs of thunder and hailstones like bullets, were our welcome to Kempton.

The rain eventually stopped and we investigated the busy town. However, we’d only parked for two hours so we decided to eat elsewhere. 3-kings-lunchWe wound our way through the little towns south of Kempton and eventually ended up in Immenstadt, where we had a delightful lunch at the Gastof Drei König – I had (what turned out to be) Roast Pork with Serviettenknödel. See:

We bought cakes (and pretzels for me and ‘tmissis) for our evening meal, in Blaichach and settled in for our final evening here in the apartment. 

The car said it was 39° outside!



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