Here now

Being here, at the apartment (at last), is really rather strange. It’s as if we’ve walked into someone else’s home and taken it over. 

Jo NesboWe knew, from our flying visit in April and the various legal shenanigans, that most of the furniture would be left as part of the sale. Yet, we were both surprised and pleased to note that everything we had seen had been left. That included towels, sheets, quilts, candles, tea lights, drinking glasses, T.V. – the lot!

Of course, we’re very grateful, as it means there’s so much less trailing about to do this week. We’ve also got a full set of Jo Nesbo books – in Danish, along with around 50 other Danish tomes. [Monday 3rd August – we’ve donated Jo Nesbo and some of the others to Marlene’s library at Monte-Mare)

We’re meeting our lawyers on Wednesday and will then (hopefully) receive full documentation for our purchase and accompany them to the local notary (not so local for us – as they [solicitors and notary] are in Marbella) to complete formalities and get our Spanish Will approved.

Titisee in Spain

Titisee in Spain

One purchase we really need to secure is a freestanding rotary fan – it’s so hot here at this time of year.  What we’d thought were a/c units in the apartment are not, they are in fact wall-mounted fans, which simply do not cut the mustard. We have talked about a self-condensing (plug-in) a/c unit, but I think I need to be convinced (that one would not blow the electric or make too much noise). . [Monday 3rd August – we now have a freestanding fan].

Another purchase is Internet. In fact it’s the most important!  We have Internet in the apartment, but as yet we don’t know who supplies it. On Monday we aim to visit the WiFi-Blue office in Fuengirola to see if they have the apartment listed. I guess they will have, as most of the apartments here in the ‘block’ use WiFi-Blue. If not, we’ll negotiate.  [Monday 3rd August – done!]

So that’s it really, it’s taken us a few days to settle in, mainly through Sharon’s valiant efforts at the DIY and plumbing stuff (I cook, I don’t do DIY). The main sink was blocked and after she removed and cleaned all of the plastic gubbings, it was still blocked, so we had to buy some ‘chemicals’. They did the trick [ish].


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