New Year – 2016

So, another week has gone by and I’m sat on the beach again. I shouldn’t grumble, but it’s been gorgeously sunny all day while I’ve been busy working, but now at 3:00pm, when I down tools and come down here to the beach , the sun has gone behind a huge black cloud.

There are about 10 other people on the beach, including me, for as far as I can see in both directions. I see the harbor wall at Fuengirola as I look west and the breakwater separating Torreblanca from Carvajal in the other; possibly 3-4k? It’s a bank holiday here, but obviously not a beach one, unlike New Year’s Day when the promenade was heaving with families and groups strolling along. The beach was also well occupied.

Betony and Josh left today, I dropped them at the station off this morning. I’m not sure what they thought of the place though. When they went to Malaga on Monday, ostensibly to see the Christmas lights, they were back early – tired from walking.


When we’d been to see the lights, with Tony and Gill it was a fabulous day out. We strolled through the park alongside the marina and then, whilst I sat and watched the world go around, the other explored the marina itself, before we set off into the city to find somewhere to wait for it to get dark and the lights be switched on. We had a couple of drinks, some small tapas and then walked around the corner to see the wonderful display they have put on here this year. Well done Malaga.

We all spent New Years Eve downstairs at Montemare and had a great time. there were several more people there this year than the last two years and although the music was – well, poor – it was a lovely atmosphere and great food. Betony had a vegetable lasagne and the rest of us had steaks! Great.

Last night, the three of us (Sharon returned home on Monday because she had to work) went down to Los Boliches to see the 3 Kings’ parade – Día De Los Reyes Magos. But we missed it! Apparently, this is the first year that the parade has set off from Fuengirola and arrived in Los Boliches long after we’d given up and come back to the apartment. Hey ho.

So I’m all alone now, until Friday when Sharon returns (we thought it’d be fun when we booked it) and there’s plenty to do – workwise. I still want to walk in the mountains, explore the coastline on a bike etc. etc. but not this time. Apparently I have an appointment with a podiatrist later in the month. That’ll be fun.


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