Semanta Santa 2016

IMG_5652So, today, having arrived here on Monday, I decided to ‘scoot’ to Benalmádena (which is pronounced more like Benal-mad-henna, than Benal-mud-eena).

Actually, that’s not quite true; I ‘scootered’ around Benalmádena for a bit and then I ‘scootered’ back to Torreblanca, where I’d left the car. I used this region’s fabulous train service to get to Benalmádena and then mainly walked in a zig zag fashion down to the front – which is at the bottom of a very steep hill (too steep for me and my scooter). It’s amazing what you get to see when you’re not just walking though: there was a massive market half way down the hill and next to it was a similarly unexpected park. I meandered through the park, which is worth another IMG_0091visit and then down the main road – only to find myself still about ½ mile away from the Benalmádena marina, which was my destination and which I hoped to explore at my leisure.

Sharon and I had been there before at Christmas with Tony and Gill [see] but my plantar fasciitis hurt much more then than it does now.

Anyway, did I like Benalmádena marina today any more than I did then? NO!

IMG_0093It’s an awful place that does nothing for me, and it was heaving; obviously some countries have already given up and gone away for their Easter Holidays. The marina (and parts of Benalmádena I guess) represent everything about Spain that had stopped me from coming for my first 50 years.

Having said that, I did find a nice long (1-2k?) promenade to scoot along on the way back, which was a pleasant change from the road, which I had to follow for the rest of the 6¾ miles back to Torreblanca.

For tea I made myself Hake Meuniere with French style peas emboldened (!!) with crispy bacon lardons. Lovely.


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  1. Great action shot!


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