I’ve flown to Spain lots of time now. Not as many as some, I know, but more than I ever thought I would (at one time).

Today though, is the first time I’ve flown to Malaga in August!!!  In many ways I’m glad I travelled alone because worrying about what Sharon might have thought would have made it worse than it was.

First of all, ‘Security’ at Manchester Airport was horrendous. Not as slick as usual and not as many ‘belts’ open – perhaps that’s just Terminal 2? – but a much longer wait to get through than usual. LOTS of kids, LOTS of families (who has so many kids?).IMG_6596.JPG

Waiting for the gate number was blissful, boarding was blissful – but the plane; well, the plane had about the same adult to child ratio as a kindergarten. I shared ‘my’ three seats with a young couple trying to keep an 18-24 months old girl entertained. The girl herself was well behaved (for an 18-24 months old) but the entertainment included toilet, picking things off the floor, toilet, picking things off the floor, picking up my iPad, smiling, and so on. Not too horrendous, but verging on the nerve-wracking!

Then, having made a hasty escape from the plane I boarded a super-crammed train to Los Boliches. It seemed the whole of Torremolinos (and most of Benelmadena) had been out to Malaga for the day. I HAD TO STAND! Stand for goodness sake – this is Spain, who stands?


Then, once the train got quieter, I spent quality time talking to a chap from Hull – who told me about a Spanish gimmer-pass that would allow me to get 50% off train travel. Quality – I need to check that out NOW!


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