September Sojourn

Travelling through and from the UK these days, seems to be a trial of a pleasure. We set off on Friday, about 12:30pm and arrived in Gravesend at around 19:15pm – far too long a journey for such a relatively short journey. We had expected some short delays because it was Friday afternoon – but this was shocking.

We stayed at a Premier Inn just outside Gravesend, on the A2.  It was ok, the pub next door, The George, seemed to have a reasonable plastic menu and my noodle dish was fine. The beer was London Pride, served as the locals like it – flat and headless.

Now it’s Saturday morning and after not much sleep and getting up at 04:15am, we’re sat on the Eurotunnel car park waiting for our connection – which has been delayed by two hours due to a train ‘being stopped’ in the tunnel. The train before our planned 06:50am departure seems to have got away and ours was the first to be delayed.  Grrrr.
IMG_6883Once we eventually get to France, the plan is to make it to the Hotel Campanile, Poitiers Sud – hopefully that will be possible in time for some food, beer and sleep.

We eventually got under way about 09:00am, arriving in France before ten and shooting off down the motorway. The weather was fine (increasingly) all the way to Poitiers, but there were the odd delays as major lengths of road were under repair. Something to remember about trips through France in September?

Our final trial for today was that the exit we needed for our hotel was closed!  We knew early enough to detour, but there were so many roads under repair around the north of Poitiers that we missed the correct turning and ended up having to drive through the city itself. Then, the hotel is disguised. What as I cannot say, but it took us over half an hour to find, even though the SatNav said ‘you have reached your destination’! (Pics later when WiFi is better)


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