June 2018

Because of the ensuing chaos on the U.K. railways, it was touch and go whether my train from Huddersfield would get me to the airport on time.  In the end it was only fifteen minutes late arriving and, despite the usual T2 security-madness (have these people never flown before?), I was happily on-board, on time and, a swift and uneventful flight was had.

The Jet2 flight landed early enough for me to buy milk in Los Boliches, catch bus, arrive at the apartment, unpack (2 minutes), turn boiler on (and fridge ‘up’) and to enjoy a prawn cocktail and a couple of beers at Restaurante Montemare.

First thing on Friday, I had promised myself that I would be at the town hall (ayuntamiento) by 9:15am to pay my car tax.  We had tried in April but the place was rammed at that time – so we left it until I could come now, on this visit to Spain.  As I was away from the apartment in good time, I was able to enjoy an early breakfast en route, at Granier.

IMG_0141 2

We pay 70% of the tax and my understanding is that provided I pay this by August, the final 30% is not charged – if one is registered with the council, which I am.  I’d missed the other early payment discount (about €2) in April because the demand didn’t arrive until after the due date.  So, with that in mind I also ventured deeper into the town hall to register my need for a direct debit.  As far as I know, that quest was successful.

As I was on my scooter to do all that, I meandered back via various places and even tried to have my hair cut, but he was busy so I went back later in the day.  I also took the opportunity of a trip out to introduce dos patos to each other: Owain (from Llandudno) and Pauline (a local lass).


Once I was back at the apartment, I completed the work I still had to do, online; had a tasty lunch, a short siesta, washed the car (WASHED THE CAR!) and walked back into Los Boliches for my haircut and a few beers and tapas.

I can never pack that much into a day at home.


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