Happy New Decade

After N.Y. Eve, we spent quite a lot of New Year’s Day with Tony and Gill, David and Gail. We had set off walking towards Marsden around 10:30am and took a fairly easy route to begin with as Sharon had a sore heel. Once we got to Park Gate Road, we left Sharon to hobble on into Marsden, whilst the rest of us did a bit of hill work. 

We all met up outside The Riverhead, just before it opened. Then we had a couple of drinks and walked back to our place, where I had prepared us all a nice warming lunch of Leek and Potato soup.


We arrived back in Spain on 3rd January.

Jim and Yvette where staying in 916 at the time, so we joined them at Marleen’s for a pizza. We’d ordered a take-away as we would possibly be late arriving (and it was quiz night) but they were going down anyway – so we had a few beers and a late-ish supper.


Over the next few days, until they returned home on the 8th, we joined them to visit various places for food – some successful, some not. Sharon and I had been turned away from Casa Pepe’s one Sunday in December (we’d spent a few days here after my birthday) because they were entertaining a private party, so we were surprised when the same thing happened again when we tried to get in with Jim and Yvette.  I think the party must have been breaking up because ‘William’ started chasing us and shouting (presumably, “don’t go”) as we walked towards Marleen’s. We pretended deafness.

Jim, Yvette and I walked up to Mijas one day too.  And back down!  We ate a late lunch at Bar Pepe in Los Boliches – which was delightful. Sharon picked us up afterwards. IMG_2687

After Jim and Yvette had gone home, we had a few days alone before Billy and Angela joined us for a week. 

During our time alone, we took a stroll around the Decembocadura del Guadalhorce. There, we made it as far as the beach and had a lovely picnic overlooking the sea and the river mouth.

Billy and Angela are looking to buy somewhere that they can stay in over winter but where they can rent out over summer, to make the place pay for itself. At times when they were not looking at properties, we took them to see various places in the region. These included a trip to Castillo Monumento Colomares, and a visit to La Cala de Mijas. We also attended a quiz night at Marleen’s – we didn’t win, but did come second.IMG_2705The weather here, for the first three weeks of 2020 has been fabulous. Nevertheless, it’s colder now and rainy, but we cannot complain really.


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