itinerary ’13

Map shows languedoc region of FranceI wasn’t good at keeping up with this blog last year.

Because work was very slow in coming forth, and there wasn’t much promise on the horizon, we left it until the last minute to use up some airmiles and flew to Toulouse on Sharon’s birthday. It wasn’t planned as such and we travelled light – so I failed to write about the trip. My bad 😦

What’s more, work being the same (worse) this year, we only did a last minute trip back to the apartment in Spain at Easter. That was cool because on the day before we flew to Malaga, I’d had to shovel piles of snow away from the car so we could set off for the airport. And, it was cheaper than a long weekend in Reeth.

So the Spanish sunshine was very, very welcome.

This month however, we have a proper ‘planned’ holiday booked in France.

We are travelling to Faugeres just north of Beziers in the Languedoc region. We are being joined by Karen and Dave, and Joanne and Mike – each couple is making their own way down to the south. Karen and Dave are using EuroStar and TGV to get as far as Beziers (from where we will pick them up), whilst Joanne and Mike are making their way by car – with one overnight stop near Troyes, just east of Paris.

Because this years birthday is a significant one for Sharon, we are taking our time getting there and getting back. Suffice to say that the Gite is booked from 10th August to 24th August, but we depart (early) on 7th (our wedding anniversary) and return on 28th. Hopefully I can record the journey en route, as the hotels will have WiFi. Thereafter – I’m not sure.


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