itinerary ’16

We came to Spain over Christmas///New Year (15/16) and spent a lovely time, first with Tony and Gill and then with Betony and Josh.  I cam back for the apartment block AGM in February and we’re here again at Easter.

Not exactly sure what the rest of the year will bring, other than another trip here with both brothers (Peter and Andrew) and respective missises in July – AND a possible drive down through France and Spain in September.  It’s what we want to do, but haven’t thought about planning it yet.  We’re not sure there’s any urgency at this stage because it’s out of the holiday season.

SEPTEMBER 3rd. We’re on our way – full details in main blog, but we’re going to the apartment again via: Gravesend (writing this there, 4.30am), Poitiers, Pamplona, Salamanca, Elvas (Portugal), Seville and Gibraltar Day (10th).