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Easter 2017

This is not our first visit to this region at Easter. IMG_3809I know that we have been here at this time for the last two years, but it might be three – probably six times in all.  We like the weather here and the chance to get out and do ‘something’.

The weather at home, being what it is, means that doing ‘something’ is less likely to happen than it is when we’re here.

We’ve been here about ten days now and we will have been a month by the time we fly back.  We’ve already had a couple of good walks and explorations up in the hills behind us. We’ve had a picnic up there too.  A picnic! – I can’t remember when we managed to have one of those at home. We caught the bus up to Mijas one day and then walked back down the track via the wild-west Cabalista bar, where we ate jamón y queso. We’ve also been scootering a couple of times and we’ve been to Montemar (on the train) near Torremolinos so we could explore the park there and then walk back to Benalmadena.


Apart from today (our second Saturday) we’ve been out and done ‘something’ every day.

Today, we’re resting before setting off for a few days to visit the Costa Tropical. This part of Spain is where the Sierra Nevada mountains come down to the sea and is about 130km away, about 90 minute’s drive.

More on this later (maybe)

Walk to Mijas

Those readers that kindly read the previous post may like to have an update?

As of this morning (Friday) I am stitch free again 🙂 I’d worn the dressings administered by the Hospital Costa Del Sol until Monday but then took over my own dressing repairs. With a red (elastoplast red) plaster, I was far less frightening to little children and with all drinks administered via a straw my lip (and bridge of nose) survived.  This morning’s stitch removal was something of an anti-climax as a) it didn’t hurt and b) it took the nurse less than five minutes to remove them.

25564377223_fe062a5572So – all done, nothing was/is as bad as it seemed (except brandy through a straw- yuk, and coffee, yuk too).

On Wednesday, partly to keep mostly out of sight and partly to stay fit, we walked to Mijas. The route had very kindly been worked out first by Tony and Gill at Christmas and then by Joanne and Mike in January. Both teams left us photos and directions that were a breeze to follow.

Basically, we walk out of the apartment block and turn left. This follows Calle Pensamiento up under the motorway and ever more ‘up’ into the mountain behind us. I believe the road now becomes a camino (so we were salir a caminar).


We followed the signs for Rancho La Paz  for quite some way before being required to turn right and follow a different path. I think Tony and Gill had taken a shortcut ‘path’ at this stage, but their route joins the one we followed soon.

26074518452_8cb8af7c1cWe pass a few huge homes on our route and just past one of these Sharon decided to drop off the track and steal a few items of citrus fruits (rock hard!) All along the route there are various cave formations and the view gets ever more glorious. Most of the route is counter-intuitive as (because of the massive cliff face we have to navigate) we spend quite a while walking away from Mija. QUITE a while.

As I say, the views over Fuengirola and the coast become ever more tremendous and by the time we reach the red pillared house, we became a bit blaise. However, the route soon goes UP again and heads west towards Mijas. We pop out onto the main  Benalmádena-Mijas soon after The Hermitage, and we pass an ancient aqueduct before entering town

26100639231_076d51be23_nWe ate lunch at the same place we had a coffee on Christmas Day and then set off back.  We really should have caught a bus and then a txi up the hill to home as both Sharon and I have suffered since Wednesday. I have plantar faciitis and, as it had been relatively mild for the last month thought I’d manage (I did one-way). It’s been painful again since the walk. Sharon’s knees are taking some recovering from the journey back down.

I’m glad we did the walk and I’m sure we will do it again. I’d recommend it to anyone. Message me and I will send you the route.

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Paris – Saturday

This is our first full day in Paris – day one (arrival) was reported on my Saturday Walks blog, yesterday. We eventually got the oven to work (Sharon made a cup of tea and hey presto the oven worked – no idea how or why!!). But we still have THAT smell.

Tour de Eiffel

Following a leisurely breakfast of bread and croissant (for me) and two almond/chocolate croissants for Sharon, we were on our way. To be fair, I only asked for one Almondine in the shop but I seemed to be charged for (and received) two, of which Sharon only ate half of one. Just saying.

We walked along our street, around the corner and there was the Eiffel Tower in the mid-morning mist. It was cloudy in Paris today until about 1.00pm but not too cold. We queued for about 20 minutes to get our tickets to the top and to begin our accent – a good start to the day really. For history’s sake it cost €15 each to the sommet. SommetThe views were fine, but not spectacular because of the overcast sky – but we could now buy the teashirt (we didn’t but .. we could).  We walked down from 2eme etage, which was exciting. 

We then wandered blindly on and found the Jardin des Invalides, a pleasant garden which, if I’d brought my Panasonic camera wire, I’d show some of – but I stupidly left it at home – doh. We may visit the Museum (des Invalides) here tomorrow.

We eventually found the river again and had lunch upon a stationary bateau mouche. We then weaved for a while en route to Notre Dame along the left bank (I think and came up onto the road that The  Musee d’Orsey (We may visit the Museum here tomorrow) and spent quite a while in the grounds of the Palais de Louvre. (We may visit the Museum here tomorrow).

The queues for Notre Dame were just too long so we passed it by and set off to see the Pompidou Centre (We may visit here tomorrow). But we came to the Metro Station first and returned to the apartment as we were worn out 😉