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A day out – Ardales

Yesterday, for all sorts of reasons, we took a trip out to the vicinity of Caminito del Rey; about 40 miles north of Malaga.  We headed for the town of Ardales, as this seemed to be the better approach for the actual walkway.  It ‘sort of’ is better, but the parking area for Caminito del Rey is still 8-10km away, alongside the Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir and it is by no means adequate.

We eventually found a place to park by the Hotel la Posada del Conde, which is a fair old walk from the beginning of the trail. However, the walk back up the road is beautifully scenic as the road surrounds and crosses a network of lakes and reservoirs – all of them a stunning aqua blue/green in the September sunshine.

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The actual entrance to Caminito del Rey is either one mile or 1¾ mile from the road, depending on which route you take.  There is a car park of sorts but it does not have the capacity that this attraction requires.  Cars are abandoned all the way down the road leading to the lakes – hence us having to park right at the other end.  There is a walkway that heads out towards the Caminito ‘entrance’, which starts around the side of El Kiosko restaurant/bar, under a short tunnel (with cars parked along it) and then through the woods and along a winding forest track that covers some stunning views.


Walking tunnel exit (away from road)

There is another route that starts higher up the road, opposite the inadequate car park, which is accessed by means of another tunnel; this time long and dark, just high enough to take a 6’00” person without stooping.  It comes out on a service road that leads to the Caminito ‘entrance’ – so watch out for service vehicles. We returned this way.

We could, I suppose have done Caminito del Rey ourselves yesterday but decided that as we were wearing sandals and had drunk all of our water – it wouldn’t be sensible.  We have tickets booked for later this month however, so now we know the way and what to wear on our feet.

We later went and walked Caminito del Rey –


Easter 2017

This is not our first visit to this region at Easter. IMG_3809I know that we have been here at this time for the last two years, but it might be three – probably six times in all.  We like the weather here and the chance to get out and do ‘something’.

The weather at home, being what it is, means that doing ‘something’ is less likely to happen than it is when we’re here.

We’ve been here about ten days now and we will have been a month by the time we fly back.  We’ve already had a couple of good walks and explorations up in the hills behind us. We’ve had a picnic up there too.  A picnic! – I can’t remember when we managed to have one of those at home. We caught the bus up to Mijas one day and then walked back down the track via the wild-west Cabalista bar, where we ate jamón y queso. We’ve also been scootering a couple of times and we’ve been to Montemar (on the train) near Torremolinos so we could explore the park there and then walk back to Benalmadena.


Apart from today (our second Saturday) we’ve been out and done ‘something’ every day.

Today, we’re resting before setting off for a few days to visit the Costa Tropical. This part of Spain is where the Sierra Nevada mountains come down to the sea and is about 130km away, about 90 minute’s drive.

More on this later (maybe)